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I have been using neu.annotate for several months and I also have other apps for pdf annotation; including good reader, pdf reader pro, etc. In my opinion, neu.annotate is the best for my purpose to read, highlight, and takes notes on textbook. The highlight function is very easy to access compared to other apps and the highlighting is more flexible compared to other apps. I think neu.annotate is currently the best app on the market for textbook reader. However, I have some comments on some parts that I think if you add these features it might improve the function of the app. 1.I would like it to have a function to send pdf to other filesharing app, such as box, google drive, spideroak, not only dropbox. 2.I have tons of textbook on neu.annotate. Once I read my textbook to a certain page, the appearance of that pdf file on the first page of neu.annotate will change according to the page I was reading and this was so confusing when you have several textbooks, you hardly tell which pdf is which books. I want it to show the cover of that pdf instead of the current page that I am reading. Thanks so much
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2012 on neu.Annotate Support at neupen
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Oct 6, 2012