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Raighne, I am ignorant and untrained in law, so I may be confused. If you're willing though, I'd appreciate if you would help me with that. It looks like you're saying that you don't know that the Yelp! commenters are acting in good faith, and have filed suit on the assumption that they are not. Wouldn't you normally need some persuasive evidence of defamation to subpoena identities? Also, don't you normally need to identify specific, unprotected false factual claims to show defamation? Obviously, you're closer to the matter and better educated on the law than I am, so I assume there's something I'm missing. To be honest, this strikes especially close to home for me. I live in the DC metro area, and just recently bought a house (with carpets!). It's scary to imagine how easily I could have chosen Hadeed a couple months back to clean them, and how easily I could be getting legal threats from you now. I don't read Yelp!, so absent this action I would never have imagined how nearly I dodged lightening. Again though, I assume there's some mundane explanation which I'm not seeing, and I hope you'll let me know what it is. V/R, Josh
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May 9, 2013