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Penny Fedje
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Judith, thank you for so wonderfully expressing how it feels to discover EEM and all it can do for ourselves and others--it may have been you were just writing about you and your feelings, but mine are exactly the same. Good job!
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Katerina, I love this story; thank you for writing it, as well as the other posts, to this site. You write beautifully by the way. I too came back from the May 2011 EEM class in Phoenix re-energized with the feeling of community but didn't get a chance to explore this site "project" until the other day. I'm sure many others identify with your story as well--wanting to help in some way, not being entirely sure how, and then it's like my "thinking mind" steps aside and I watch myself reach out and do an EM technique without even knowing what that technique will be until I see my hands doing it, then my "mind" comes back and goes "wow" look at what just happened with that person. I'm amazed and very humbled every time I work with EEM techniques--thank you for sharing!
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Aug 27, 2011