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aleee :)
hackeddd by yourr lovee karleee <3
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I had always thought that I had never been loved. And that I would never find the one. You had always been right in my sight, Teaching me how to find the light. I never realized this was it, I was falling in love just a bit. You were always their when I was in shame. You picked me up and you came. Always there to share my joy, Even when it was about another boy. Always there to see me grow, Even if you were feeling low. I just thought we were friends, When in my heart you scored a perfect ten. You were so beautiful on the inside and out, Always following one big plan. That one plan all came from the heart, And that made it just as smart. I never saw what I had, And now I am really sad. I let you go without a word, Never realizing this was the end. I didn't see you after May, On that fine springy day. That day became a dread When I saw you covered in blood so red. I pray for you every night, By the stars shining bright. I wish I could see you one more time, And tell you what's on my mind. Tell you everything that was meant to be said, But now you are truely dead. Let your mind be put to rest, And let me face the real test. If I can live without you guiding me all the way. In my heart is where you stay. I take each day step by step, Keeping you close to my heart. Because you always loved me, I was just to blind to see. she will always be there for you i hope you remain strong during this time of difficulty, i know what its like to feel alone after a death and to question the world, but it really puts life into perspective and opens your heart to all the love around you
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