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I have a rather large queue, about 360 movies. As a result, a movie is pretty old by the time it gets to the top and therefore, I get them immediately. My comment is about the fact that "Dark Water" is the movie you are waiting on. That movie is really old (it came out in 2005) and there shouldn't be a high demand for it. It is so old...I've already seen it! and when I did see it, the movie shipped out immediately. I wonder if Netflix has lost their entire inventory to "Dark Water" due to lost or damaged movies. I would be interested in seeing what would happen if you deleted all of your queue except for "Dark Water" to see how fast it was shipped to you.
I live in San Antonio and the closest distribution center is in Austin (70-100 miles away). It takes about 4 days turnaround. 2-3 to get there, and 1-2 days to return. It is important to point out that I do not rent large quantities so I would not expect "throttling" to be in effect (how could I be a high level user with horrible turnaround times like that). If I want movies for the following weekend, I have to make sure I get all my movies in the mail on the Monday before.