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Felicity Ho
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I'm going to put my hand up here and say I'm one of the people who has been waiting for an interchangeable lens camera without the bulk of a DSLR. I still have my original film SLR, a Nikon FE2, and what always annoyed me about DSLR's was that everything was so much bulkier. This year, what I wanted has finally arrived. A fast focusing camera with a 24mm equivalent prime.. (i.e. the E-PL3 and 12mm) I'm now in the process of selling my DSLR (a nikon with a bulky 12-24 because they don't have a small 16mm APS prime, and a rather nice 105mm VR macro lens) to help finance the purchase of an Olympus system... Having said that, if Olympus hadn't produced what it had, I was going to go the Pentax pancake route....
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Sep 23, 2011