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Dear Southern Cameroonians, There is time for talk and there is time for action in any given situation. The time is soon coming when we shall all need to trade and do our talking in a different way. That will be the time when you will come to realise that the Anglophones Youths referred to as Brainwashed, Unemployed, Desperate and Misguided will come to haunt its enemies. We, as an oppressed people have the right of Self determination for our political and Socio-economic future. If it means sacrificing with our BLOOD to achieve this for future generation,that is what we will do. We shall use all methods, conventional and/or non conventional to draw attention to our CAUSE and declare a safe and prosperous SOUTHERN CAMEROON NATION. Suicide bombers in other parts of the world are not less human than you and I. It is the motive behind the action that matters. We shall kill traitors, hold enemy captives, terrorise and kidnapp Members of government and their family at home and abroad. We shall employ hitmen to kill them when they escape abroad for Sanctuary and we shall use the long arm of international Law to bring them to justice. You many perceive this as comedy or oratory or baseless propaganda. Donot be illusive about reality. Anglophone Cameroonians cannot continue to live in oppression, intimidation, exploitation, imprisoned, maimed, killed, detained without trial, treated as second class citizens, marginalized, you name them. Dialogue and political reasoning has failed and is leading us into more poverty and desperation. Our Cultural heritage is being eroded; Cameroon Bank, Marketing Board, Tiko/Victoria Sea ports, Yoke Power Station, Tiko, Bisongabang, Bali airports, Mutengene Police College, No Road infractructures, Education, Employment, Health Services, Tourism etc. It is time to rise up and fight for our freedom and Nation. Nothing can and will stop the revolution. This is my third and last posting to you PATROITIC Southern Cameroonians. 'It is better to die honourable for a just cause than to be a yes man' God Bless and Save Us All.
Mr John Smith, I totally agree with you. Its time for fund raising for the Army of Liberation of the Southern Cameroon. It is also very imperative for all Southern Cameroonians to be prepared psychologically for the nature of the fight ahead. No one is going to declare war against The Republic of Cameroon but we are going to take back what belongs to us. All Southern Cameroonians in the present Military set up of the Territory should be ready to ignore the commands of their bosses or else they shall be fighting against their own country. A civil war is the last option and i think we have been driven to that point. No matter how long it takes, our determination, sacrifice and the willingness to die for a noble cause will see us through. The supply of arms should not be your worry. What we need now are the people to operate effectively and respond to any change of plan. Recruitment is currently going on and donot be surprise if you are approached. While the SCNC and related movements will continue to mount any form of political offensive, 'Freedom Fighters' and our activities will go a long way to raise more awareness and attention to our plight. You may wonder why such a message should appear on this forum. Well, we know many of you writing on this forum are ready to do the ultimate sacrifice for your beloved Southern Cameroon. The quality of information you are all placing here has been used by experts to determine certain parameters of a frustrated people and is quite convinced many of you will like to get on board. We pray you do. But even if you donot, try to condition your mindset for the worst. Our Freedom and independence shall be bought with our blood.
Except my memory fails me which doesnot always. Is Janvier Tchouteu on this forum the same one I met in Amsterdam some years ago while on a visit to Holland. If I am correct then I will have to tell you this. I have since completed my Studies and specialised. I decided to join the Army Medical Corps in the West African Country that I trained. Remember the Book you were writing? The way secret(double) agents murdered political opponents in your book is the same way Our Present Political Elites will be murdered. Atleast it gives you an idea that some of the people on this forum are well talented professionals who can do it when the time is ripe.It doesnot give me pleasure in taking lives for I am fundamentally trained t to safe lives.But it is very important for me to support the Roooting Out of those who make me to be in a position to save so many impoverished lives in the first place. Take care and hope to bump onto you before the sun sets on us all.
Dear All, The real issue here is that Cameroonians are suffering. SCNC or not, if things continue the way they are, we are surely going to have a civil war. A few individuals and some tribes cannot hold a whole country to ransome. The English Speaking Cameroonians are more marginalised and deprived than their French Speaking counterpart. No one likes war and bloodshed but it is sometimes the only way out. Whether the West comes to sell Arms or not is left to us. If we create a favourable envoronment for all of us to live and prosper, there will be no war and no arms sale. No Westerner has asked our leaders to continue to embezzle and plunder states funds. No amount of writing and arguments on this forum will change the perception of our Leaders. Dialogue has failed and its time to call to arms.I support entirely the efforts being put in place by the SCYL to train Combattants and you will not have the chance to be writing and quoting all these websites once a Minister or a Director is kidnapped or their many children enjoying Taxpayers Moneys in Europe and America are targeted. We donot want to go down that route but I think it is inevitable. Donot be taken by surprise when the SABBOTEURS come visiting. That is one thing with us Cameroonians TALK TALK TALK. Even the Opposition parties have failed us.Fru Ndi and others who have benefitted from our collective efforts have now sent all their children Abroad while you stay behind and continue noise making. Keep smiling in pain.
Lake Nyos is not the only lake that has experienced lethal gas emissions.There are a couple more in South America. Though a natural process, its not uncommon for it to be taken advantage of by some Countries for Military and Scientific Tests. When peat and carboniferous sediments at the bottom of a lake decompose, carbondioxide is produced.It can escape into the atmosphere through fissures in underlying rocks. However, if large quantities suddenly escape,it can lead to death to man and animals. Cardondioxide being heavier than air displaces oxygen and the sudden lack of oxygen and the huge concentration of CO2 leads to dead by axphyxiation. Plant life remains unaffected as plants are happy with CO2.This was observed during the Lake Nyos Disaster. But just because we donot have evidence to proof foul play doesnot means it didnot happen. There is a limit to how much you can trust science.The Social Construction of Science has shown that science is not always neutral. It serves a purpose. There have been scientific experiments to proof that the Caucasian is more intelligent than the Negroid.And people believed it. But offcourse it was faulty and meant to serve the purpose of the master - 'Whiteman'.Just because we accept certain (bad)scientific laws doesnot make them true. We accept them because we cannot disproof them. Also he who funds the researchers, most often than not determines the course, purpose and eventual dessimination and usage of the results. The people and part of the world affected can determine how much is done to find solutions. HIV/AIDS is mostly an African/Less Developed Countries(LDC)affair. For it to stimulate better funding, it will have to be an issue in Europe and America, of which it is not as of now. Giving AID(S) to African Nations is not the same as helping pay school fees for your siblings. People have the right to be pessimistic about the motives of certain donations, Isreal is no exeption. I am not in any way insinuating that all Foreign AID(S) is/has a Secret Agenda. It pays sometimes to be pessimistic.
Mr Eric Denzel, Your write up makes me laugh. I didnot realise Ephraim Ngwafor has got such a large nose. He is an ugly playboy with a big brain. How he uses it is a different story. Look at Mendo Ze!!! I am trying to compile a list of Ugly Cameroonians in Power. The bad thing is that i donot know that many. Can you make some inputs. It is my researsh area in an academic study. Thank you.
Dr Agbormbai, I must say I really do enjoy reading your contributions on this weblog. I will be very glad if you can make it possible for me to place a call to you. Your contributions are straight forward and easy to follow. My only fear is that all your suggestions may be falling onto deaf ears. You are dealing with a system that is corrupt to the core. But keep the goodworks going.You are a sound intellectual. I was showing a collection of your contributions on the weblog to a colleague and he was very pleased with the plain language approach you are using. And thanks a million for floushing out the bad tempered,salty tongued MUKETE.
Hon Rose Abunaw, Like all your Manyu predecesors, the one big thing you can do for your people has continuous eluded you all.Manyu politicians are bull dogs who can bark but can never bite. As I write, there are many of your people sleeping in the bush for days to make a trip of less than 190km from Kumba to Mamfe. Its faster to flight to New York than to travel to Mamfe. All the big names for nothing. Effiom, Gen Tataw, Ogork, Enow Tanjong, Agbortabi,Mbianyor, Jerome Etta, Oben Ashu, Tabetando. The best you Manyu Politicians can do is to gossip and blackmail while your people wallow in abject poverty and hardship. Good a thing you saw for yourself how a small country like Fiji (smaller than your Manyu division in size)can look after itself. When the Country finally falls apart, as will soon happen you will have no hiding place, for you will be followed even to the home of pour Magida Marabou. Shame tou you and your cohorts.
Hon Rose Abunaw, Like all your Manyu predecesors, the one big thing you can do for your people has continuous eluded you all.Manyu politicians are bull dogs who can bark but can never bite. As I write, there are many of your people sleeping in the bush for days to make a trip of less than 190km from Kumba to Mamfe. Its faster to flight to New York than to travel to Mamfe. All the big names for nothing. Effiom, Gen Tataw, Ogork, Enow Tanjong, Agbortabi,Mbianyor, Jerome Etta, Oben Ashu, Tabetando. The best you Manyu Politicians can do is to gossip and blackmail while your people wallow in abject poverty and hardship. Good a thing you saw for yourself how a small country like Fiji (smaller than your Manyu division in size)can look after itself. When the Country finally falls apart, as will soon happen you will have no hiding place, for you will be followed even to your home of pour Magida Marabou. Shame tou you and your cohorts.
Its a real shame that youths at their prime age are being forced to leave the Country. The unemployment rate in Cameroon is too high.The tax system is apalling. Corruption and harassment is rife. Even to sell friperie you need to atleast five different kinds of taxes often more that your capital. The future is too bleak. There is no assurance by the Government that the situation will change in the near future. The Youths are left with no option than to take such risks to get a life. How can the secutity forces be investigating how foreigners obtain Cameroon Passports. You only need to walk into any Police station or Authority issuing one with enough money. In less than two hours you are issued one.Simple. You can be a Malian or whatever. This is not different in our Embassies and Consulates abroad. In China, its easier for a Nigerian to acquire a Cameroon Passport than a Cameroonian. Afterall, they pay. Such is the system. Lets keep smiling in pain.
Dear all, There is no way Fru Ndi can deny the fact that he has got huge investments in the UK. But you should realise that they are not always in his name. He is too smart for that. Most are in the Names of his Children. Afterall, they have openly boasted of that. On a recent visit to the UK, i was lucky to be shown around by an old friend. We went to a bar which is owned by a 'Paysan' and is very busy of Friday evenings. Get a can of 'Stella' and listen to the gossips. You will surely get the information you are after. If you check the website of Africa Confidential, you will find out that the last article about Cameroon was published in November 2004.It was about Biya and his election.The site doesnot look updated. But you cannot completely refute allegations of embezzlements by SDF big wigs. If Fru Ndi can accept Money from the Biya regime for the burial of his wife then a lot more things are possible. Afterall, the SDF is still to give a balance sheet of all the moneys we have been contributing all this far. They lack the accountability and financial prudence just like the CPDM. Its really unfortunate that for fifteen years Fru Ndi has gradually changed in a lot of ways with regards to the way he sees the plight of Cameroonians.Remember all those Bayam Sellams, and the down trodden who dought deep into their pockets for you and the SDF. Can you test your popularity today on this same grounds? The Laws of this land are the laws of nature. 'For in much wisdom is much vexation,and those who increase knowledge increase sorrow'Ecclesiastes 1:18. Indeed you are now helping to increase our sorrow.Lapiro de Mbanga was right about you long ago but we are still failing to see even now.Come clear about this allegation of embezzlement or nemesis may catch up with you. Our leaders should live by examples.
Prof, I believe you have got what it takes to take UB to a different level.If you can handle the Political Pressures that come with such Appointments then the sky will be your limit. Put the interest of the students and UB first. Remain apolitical on issues concerning students and the UB.Be assertive and implement the policy of Equal Oppurtunity for all. Reward academic excellence and encourage accountability. Stimulate research and International Cooperation with other Universities..... And UB WILL REMAIN THE PLACE TO BE
The Dept of History in UB has for a long time been plagued STM(Sexually Transmitted Marks)Syndrome. It is not strange if such MEMOS start coming out.Its time most of the Lecturers in that Dept examine themselves. Though Dr Ngoh is a master of his stuff, I am GLAD he has been made the New Registrar. Donot be deceived by his size. He can pull his weight. Keep your Egos aside and teach the students.
Hello Mukete and Reader, The world has truly become a global village. Hence there is no hiding place. True to some extent. This is simply a forum for us to exchange ideas and be courtoeus. No need to be too personal and try to denigrate your fellow brothers and sisters.You cannot address people on a public forum as MORONS and Pseudo intellectuals. Attack the issues and spare the person. You can communicate effectively if you chose your words wisely.I studied in Cameroon and the West. There is no way you can compare the two systems. Living out of Pays doesnot make us less passionate about our homeland. Just that some Countries and Instututions have realised our worth where Our Government failed. This is country that promotes Mediocrity. Let me give you an example.I passed my A'Levels in 1990.I wanted to get into CUSS as it was called. Passed the Written but failed the Orals because i didnot have 'Goddass'. Qualified in Ghana. Returned home but was told they donot need Doctors. What a pity for a country like Cameroon. I prefer to work and live where people recognise your worth and value your contribution to society. Until Cameroon can do such a Basic thing, we shall all continue to gnash our teeths in total agony and frustration. No amount of write ups will convince us to return. The Country has failed a lot of us. You can abuse us and call us all names, it will not change the situation. You are not forced to accept opinions on this forum. When the government creates a condusive atmosphere we shall all return with knowledge and capital to put the country back onto the Map of Africa. Cameroon is a disgrace and the way forward is to share ideas and change our mentalities not to breed bad blood like you are trying to do. You write well but you are probable on the wrong forum. I see you soon in Buea. Hope you people will not sell my Mini Cite because i donot live in 'Pays'.
Hey Mukete, I can see from your write ups that you are a well travelled man.And i guess you are still travelling.That is your absolute right. While for some reason you always return to Pays, some others seems not to come back. Cool down a bit.Donot explode for i can sense the pressure inside you is building. We live in a free world and all adults have the right to determine what they do with their lifes.And i donot understand what you mean by odd/mean jobs.Life is survival of the fittest and people will do all they can to survive, even you, depending on their circumstances. In Cameroon, there are many people who do all sorts of jobs to survive. I will like you to address the predicament of those many 'qualified'taximen,pousseurs,porteurs,bend sikinneurs,smugglers,kotinbangers,fripperie sellers, you name them, who are doing all they can to get a living in their own country, before trying to cricify those bushfallers far away from home.If these jobs you refer to as mean, can be done in your beloveth Pays, then they can be done in any other place in the world.Its a shame for you to think that you can only do in life what you study in College for a living. The fortunate thing is that these bushfallers, with their odd jobs are doing more to change the social situation of their families back home.They are overcoming a lot hurdles that are not of their making and proving that humility, determination and hardwork pays. Everyone of us would have love to have the 'best'jobs but in life it doesnot always work like that. And to you all the busfallers:Its true that some of you donot find things easy in Oyobiland but i commend all of you for the courage to do any job you can lay your hands on while thinking of better days ahead.The situation in Cameroon remains bleak and hope is fast fading away.
Mr Reader, Your comments are wrong.Not everyone in prison is a criminal.I spent time in that same prison of Buea for the simple reason of belonging to the SCNC.There are many innocent Cameroonians languishing in jail because of their political opinion.And you have nothing to show that some of them were not involved in the breakout. As for Dr Ndi,he might live to regret his comments except he will never like to work out of Cameroon.Our comments are read wide and far.
Dear Reader, Donot worry about his beard.Shave the beard and he start writing ..... Thank God he doesnot live in London. Bearded people are always very intelligent. Has he started wearing shoes again? So if you want to be intelligent like MSD,start the beard now.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2005 on Poem at Up Station Mountain Club
The university of Buea is a center of acedemic excellence.Students all over the world have a right to discuss issues affecting them with the administration.Its their responsibility to look into such issue and provide solutions.As a UB Alumni,i can only say one thing: Stop mystifying administration and making life easy for your students.Listen to them and when their demands are out of proportion,explain to them and propose alternatives.You can only be a VC if you've got students on Campus. I doubt what Dorothy Njeuma learns from all her trips to other universities abroad. Or maybe, age is catching up with her. Mami to retire is not a shame.
Dr Ndi, Your are a disgrace.To make such a comment about shot inmates is apalling.You took the oath to heal and cure no matter the circunstances.If you donot have the means at least you shpuld use good words.I am sure you were taught some ethics during your training. Donot forget,you may one day end up as a prisoner yourself 'L'impossible n'est pas Cameroun'