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Situation in Kumba: Summary 1. Taxation: burnt to ashes 2. Treasury: burnt beyond recognition, some saves broken into, Money from main save taken away by tombel soldiers to the gerdamarie , later the treasurer, the company commandant, manager of Azimotel and some other cpdm bigwing divided almost hundred and twenty million francs cash among themselves. 3. Immigration and Special branch Central police buea road: burnt 4. Kumba town police: burnt 5. Delegation of Education : burnt 6. Land and survey: burnt 7. Brasseries: burnt 8. Delegation of social welfare: burnt 9. Trc (logging company) destroyed and looted 10. All three TOTALs destroyed and looted 11. CDC Mokonje: Money given to rioters 12. Guiness: Money given to rioters 13. Mile 1 police station burnt 14. Soldiers shot indiscriminately on civilians. Atleast 20 feared dead in Kumba, Many more wounded 15. Soldiers are searching houses in Fiango and kosalla quarters, looking for looted crates and biers stolen from Brasseries. More than 200 people have been locked up in the gerdamarie. 16. Soldiers are busy drinking recovered stolen biers. 17. Romours have it that strike might continue on Monday. Next targets are the high court, Bicec, Post office. 18. Relatives of Soldiers, Admistration, police and gerdammes will be on target if they kill again.