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The Futurist has written an eye-opening article. It is a must-read for all men and women. I am a very successful engineer and have been equally successful with women. However, I also read the news and have friends from whom I see a lot of evidence to support the points made in The Futurist's blog. The Futurist is not saying that all or even most women are out to screw men; figuratively speaking, of course. In fact, most women I have met have a desire to be just in their dealings. However, since most of us (women included) equate the law with what is morally correct, women see no wrong is taking what is lawfully theirs. The system has failed men and women are just taking what they feel is being given to them by the justice system and the family courts. He is, in no way, condoning violence against women and atrocities committed against them in many underdeveloped countries. He is saying that masculinity in the west is being put down while femininity is being celebrated. Any man living in the US can plainly see the obvious truth in his article. To further my point that it is the system and not the woman at fault, take the example of an American marrying a girl from outside the US and bringing her to the US to live with him. After learning about her right in the US, she will have to be a saint to say no to his money if they split up. This actually gives her a reason to split up and undoubtedly influences her decision to stay in the marriage even after a small fight. I have seen so many of my friends go through the family law courts and get screwed so badly that they cannot even think about remarrying. One buddy was taken to court by his ex-wife to stop him from taking their child GoKarting because she felt it was "reckless endangerment". The kid loves going racing with his dad every weekend and she almost took that from him just out of spite. The judge had sided with her for every one of her complaints until then but told her that her request was simply ridiculous and said that he would have liked to go GoKarting with his dad. Seeing friends go through the dryer time and time again has made a lot of men like me jaded about marriage and question its very worth. I have since dated women and had great success and happiness without any of the risks of marriage. A lot of guys in my social circle of young professionals are doing the same. We are just doing what's best for us given the options that we have. Marriage has become a bad bet and men are logical beings.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
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Nov 8, 2010