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Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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Ross: a white female reporter who spoke entirely in what-tv-writers-think-hip-urban-people-of-color-speak. With newscaster inflection. (Think 'There were no survivors. Now,over to you, dawg, with the fo-sizzle in the hizzy. Word to your mothers.') ... Dear lord. How on earth did anyone make it through even watching that without a fatal cringing incident, never mind making it? D: Lori: It's a long, long story better suited to being shared over alcoholic beverages than over the internet, but here's the short version: <snip> Well, that's just a whole ball of Do not Want, right there. Glad to see karma eventually caught up with him, but ugh. Sorry you had to go through that. :(
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Dick Laurent: But hey, I'm sure if we all work hard and get MBAs, everyone can be a CEO at a corporation producing... wait, who will do the producing once everyone's a CEO? And who grows the food Galt's Gulch? I love that comic more than is probably healthy for me, so thanks for posting it. :D Fencerman: This is the charity that the poor give to the rich, every day without even expecting to be thanked for it. Aaand that's going in the file right next to that comic. Have an internet, Fenderman. :) ----- Arania: And oh, yeah, I've been unemployed since NOVEMBER 2008 (except for two 3-month temp gigs, a year apart). I'm one of those 99ers that everyone talks about. I send out resumes and fill in applications and there are no jobs. I can't even get hired at a fast food restaurant because I am way, WAY overqualified. Yeah, I've been in the same situation for about that long, as well. Next smartass who thinks the long-term unemployed just feel "too good to flip some burgers" is getting an earful, let me tell you. (What, me? Bitter and frustrated? Surely not!) ----- Fraser: The problem isn't the assembly line itself; some people are happy doing a job that pays the bills and supports their "real" life. One of my close friends actually reminisces about his time in a fast-food pickup window: No complicated tasks, no unreasonable demands, and when the job was over for the day, he didn't have to worry about being paged, etc. That's pretty much how I feel as well. I just want a job I don't actively hate, where I can clock in at 9 and back out at 5 and not have to think about anyhting job-related outside of that, and I want that job to pay enough that I can afford rent, food, and the occasional computer updgrade, I'm good. Paying me much more than that motivates me much less than actual acnowkledgement of when I go above and beyond the call of duty, for example. Lori: Ask me how I got a rep for not being a "team player". [shudder] There is no greater epithet in corporate America than Not A Team Player. Which roughly translates to "can be seen to notice our bullshit". Oh, please do tell! I always get a bitter kind of amusement out of those kind of stories. I, too, am not a team player, at least according to one of the middle managers at my old job, though i can't even remember anymore why he claimed that. Unfortunately for him, he made this claim in front of my actual teammates, who, bless 'em, were quick to point out that I was always prepared to help with a difficult case, or take over an irate customer, or train the newbies, or whatnot, and the team certainly though I was a team player, so ... Although my "favourite" one was my friend, who got in trouble at her temp job because she was one of the two audiotypists in a team of four who could actually use an apostrophe correctly, and took issue with management's "solution" for this problem. The solution? Ban apostrophes! ... No, seriously. My friend actually showed me the e-mail because I couldn't believe it either, and sure enough: "Please stop using apostrophes, and the lawyers will add them in by hand." What the fuck. Tehanu: I thought nothing could be more Satanic than the company's Human Resources Dept., until they announced that because of SAP they were changing the name to "Human Capital Management." Words: I have them not. D: Winter: Gods damn it, I thought Catbert was just supposed to be a cartoon character. I used to read Dilbert and find it amusing as an exaggeration of office politics. Then I actually started working. Sob. ----- Fraser: Now, for a real eyebrow-raiser: One Hooters near where I used to live announced that the top waitress in sales for one month would get a new Toyota. Winning waitress was taken out to the parking lot and given a Star Wars action figure—a new Toy Yoda--with the manager reportedly laughing hysterically. After she won the lawsuit, I imagine he laughed a lot less. I think I remember reading about this case when she brought the lawsuit; glad to hear she won it! I mean, talk about raising the bar for being a douchebag. ----- Ross: Yeah, but you got to watch that cracktastic training video with the ludicrously racially insensitive jive-talking-white-girl Do I even want to ask? Though the training videos from HO were the silver lining on the cloud of training at my old job. HO, you see, was in the US, we, the UK division, consisted of an international workforce from across Europe and beyond. Watching the newbies' reactions to the section of the Health and Safety Video about not bringing guns to work was always fairly hilarious.
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GDwarf: I've no idea if other religious have fans, but he likes many of the tenants of Discordianism, but is not himself a Discordian. That sounds not unlike me, actually, although I'd describe myself more as a fan of Discordians than of Discordianism. Drake Pope: a JESUS ROCKS giant foam finger ... I kinda really want one of those, now. I think the Norse gods should have beer steins rather than mugs, though, but I agree with MG: awesome image. :D ----- Ariana: I got laid off in 2008, and since then I have had only two temp/contract jobs, each for about 10 weeks. Every week I talk to my mom and she is always, "Have you tried this? Have you tried that?" I wearily say, yes, yes, yes. I know she simply worries about me a lot and hopes that something comes my way soon, but it gets very frustrating because sometimes I just want to yell, "I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!" Oh, god, that sounds so very familiar. D: Luckily, I'm in the UK, which means I get housing benefit and JSA, but it's still though, and the "Have you tried this?" thing gets so very wearying at times. *sympathy, Good Job Vibes* (Though with my mum it's less "Have you tried this?" and more "But why won't you come back to Belgium, just for a while?" and I can't get her to understand that leaving behind my support network of friends will break me.) ----- Raj: Okay, so I followed dumbass's YouTube url and...? Wait, so "THE HIGH PRICE OF REVOLUTION" is...a Depeche Mode video? Somehow, I feel this probably explains a lot about the Eighties, though I'm not sure what, exactly. o_O
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Nov 10, 2010
mmy: I remember, when a student responded in wonder "are you saying that the British were in Afghanistan?" Heh. That reminds me of several critiques/comments I've read about the BBC's new Sherlock Holmes series. A number of commenters thought that making Watson an Army doctor injured in Afghanistan was pointless and clearly Stephen Moffat was trying twisting a classic of literature to make some sort of point, etc., apparently blissfully unaware that in the original books, Watson was ... an Army doctor injured in Afghanistan*. *facepalm* (* Plus ca change ...)
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Jun 18, 2010