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Free Google Translator and the Free LSL Script library
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I have to actually buy my own stolen stuff from the Marketplace to be able to file a DMCA. That is piracy for a ransom. Please get rid of the copybotted items. There are thousands of illegal items on marketplace. Make it so anyone can flag a copybotted item to warn users not to buy, and allow me to file a DMCA without having to purchase my own stolen property, thus enriching the thief. After 8 years of making thousands of items in SL, I might actually put something on marketplace if even the slightest effort was made to enforce the law instead of hiding behind a DMCA. Look at Blendswap as an example of how it is done properly. They won;t allow any copying, period. #2 If it is not rezzed, it is not available on marketplace. That would fix the SL economy, too.
Looked at the bot chat logs this AM, and now she has a date with a Brazilian guy this Saturday morning! I wonder if he will bring her prim flowers?
"Bots per se, are allowed and have legitimate uses". (from the official Linden policy at Secondlames' flickr pics (uploaded July 22, 2012) show what appear to be many people in a sim. But these cannot be current pics, as the visible viewer tags were stopped back in February 2012. Regardless of that, I am sure that people do try to use bots to game the system. Bots apparently do count towards traffic, as the official policy states that "In calculating traffic scores, the number of visitors include bots". (last edit date was 8 July 2011). This may be out of date information, as search is always being worked on, but it is official policy. So bots are legal in Second Life, provided they are marked as such in the account settings, and that they serve "legitimate uses". How a legitimate use is determined, no one knows, as the 'scripted agent' status is unavailable to us mere mortals, and I assume most people don't know of this setting, so they don't set it. I think bots are an impossible-to-fix problem.
Welcome to the New World, Hamlet! My guess is you finally fixed the Alienware and now noticed the Estate Windlight setting which came out July 26, 2011 with viewer 2.8.0. It was available much earlier than that if you used Phoenix, but the Lindens never finished their long-ago plans for Estate Windlight until then. @Tateru, it takes only a single image ad or invisible tracker script at 'stinky socks' and a lot of people know a great deal about you. How accurate the Firestorm and Phoenix site stats are is fair game for a debate, but IMHO the Second Life site has very accurate user stats available here due to a tracker bug they placed on their own login page. I believe that the 920K unique 'users per month' that Google quotes for people using a web-based SL property is very accurate. It is not 'guesses'. They really can track people very closely. As a small example, it's already too late for all of you, because just looking at this one page at NWN means that the following companies can easily know what page you clicked on to get to this page, every hyperlink you clicked on while you were here, the motion and timing of your mouse, anything you typed in any form field, plus whatever they can gather from each other by cross checking against other databases: Amazon Crowd Science Doubleclick Evidon Notice Facebook Federated Media GDN notice Google Adsense Google Analytics Google custom search KissMetrics Microsoft Atlas Quantcast Scorecard Research Bureau Typad Stats VoiceFive Widgetbox Oh, wait, that does not include, which is broken at the moment. Aliens musta got'm. This number of trackers is not unusual: I just noticed and counted 31 trackers over at a page I Stumbledupon at Christian Science Monitor, which means they are are very good at doing scientific monitoring. Putting privacy aside (you have none, so get over it), the Google Doubleclick site is very useful for relative measurements, such as comparing with other gaming sites. You can also be sure that the numbers of unique users is pretty durn accurate for whatever domain you look at. Extraploating that to actual accounts is a stretch for most sites ,but not for Second Life. is used for all log-ins for web properties at the Lab, such as Marketplace. It has no home page to pollute the statistics from non-user 'drop ins' ( is for new users), and it does use Google Analytics. I have been meaning to slog thru for some time now, to get the country of origin for SL'ers, as that kind of geographical information is easily gleaned from IP addresses and is both accurate and precise. How about posting something like that, Hamlet? I want to know how many Brazilians hit on our girls! Google (they bought doubleclick) can easily track an individual PC and user by the unique trail left behind by combining the IP address, browser agent-type and cookies. People who use a proxy service are very rare! Google knows every Gmail you ever sent or received, every web page you ever searched for, and since you probably were on a Google-bugged page when you clicked on that link to "Bob's sock Blog", they know how you got there. If not, they know where you came from by Bob's dirty sock trackers, anyway. That is not counting anything that has a +1 button or an heavy duty tracker on it, such as Facebook with their millions and millions of thumb-up-your-*** buttons. There was an interesting article in the paper recently about Target using their vast store of shopping data and knowledge of buying habits to predict when a female was pregnant: they were able to get (as I recall) an 80%+ confidence level that someone was pregnant, and very often before the person knew of it. Now that Hamlet and 15 or 16 other companies potentially have your SL Name, IP address and geolocation, what can you do about it? Does anyone really care?
Forgive me for ranting about the Alien - it's not easy to fork over money for a decent machine. It just makes me mad to see the best and most respected blogger about SL using old tech to see a new world.
I like cruising Pathfinders sim on my $300 1Ghz android tablet. The mesh dragon is killer! It's smoother than SL on the fastest computer I have, (which is really fast). Hamlet, check out on Googles Ad planner at That is the login engine for all SL properties. and there are only 480K world-wide unique visitors a month. They have to pass thru it to log in anywhere. You can break the users down by country, for example, US is 470K, Brazil-85K,UK-57K, etc. A country wide breakdown would be interesting. I found it interesting that more females log in than males, by a large margin. Hamlet, when are you going to fix or trash the old Alien? You are using 5 year old AWFUL viewers on a machine that can outpace most desktops. It makes your opinion on SL issues suspect to me when you cannot see the glorious changes the Lindens have made with mesh, V3 windlights that are set by the sim owner, and shared media items. I know you love that beat up box, as I love mine, but you need to either get a decent machine with modern drivers or uninstall the trash driver you have and put the correct one on it. SL is glorious in V3 and Firestorm and even Phoenix, as the textures now load in seconds, lag is almost gone, the colors are richer, and the windlights are far better. You can actually see my statues talk, frown, and move their lips in my sim. Not to mention that the shadows are gorgeous. The first time I enabled shadows, I was not expecting them to come thru the ceiling of my textured, 1 prim dome and make the same shadows on the floor. It (rather shockingly) changed my bland floor into a dynamic environment. Beside that, you are looking at SL in only 8 bits! You cannot even see a mesh object, which means you are looking at 8-bit land. Yes, Minecraft-quality 8 bits, as sculpts are limited to 8-bit precision, in rounded blobby shapes with only limited vertexes. Come see a real mesh sword or a mesh vehicle. It looks REAL. You need to get the correct video driver installed, INCLUDING the driver control panel, turn all the SL rendering buttons for aliasing to OFF so the CPU is not doing the hardware's job, set up a GPU profile for SL, turn everything on in the hardware to max, and allow those graphic CPUs to do their work! Toss the old Alienware driver. Get the Nvidia or AMD version that de-OEM's it and put that puppy to work! Or go try the Hydrant test. Take the Alien out, throw it at the nearest fire hydrant, and if it survives, keep it and stay in 8-bit land. Or send me a notecard with your Help-About specs or email me and I'll dig up the correct driver up for you.
Have you tried Phoenix? It shows mesh beautifully. And try these for drivers for Aliens. Its a shame to have a machine capable of 60 fps in SL not working for you.
@Lani, I sympathize with your concerns about them copying your concept. It's possible, but unlikely that they copied you. Mainly because the viewer the Lindens must use will crash when you go to OsGrid :-) I don't know how closely the two concepts match, but even if they were almost identical, it would be hard to prove. Colors cannot be copyrighted. Collecting crystals, monster chases, all that cannot be copyrighted, because copyright only controls the expression of an idea, and not the idea itself. A patent would cover it. The code you wrote, the textures you use, yes, those were copyrighted the moment you created them. But gameplay? I don't see how.
This can solve a lot of the issues with DCS system, the too limited health system in SL, and the teleport issues all at once. I think this will be an important step forward. A few years ago I made a beautiful game and HUD that would block your view and teleport you to various places as you went on a quest, then drop you at the correct spot. For example, as you walked thru a portal, you would be sent to the start. If you 'died', you ended up in a jail cell suspended in space and had to figure out how to get out. It ended with the destruction of an 1,100 prim castle, and the teleport to the game end where a celebratory video played and fireworks went off. But it never caught on, as almost no one would attach the HUD! New residents have a very difficult time attaching a single inventory item. I have seen it take 2 hours to get a new resident to wear their first item. Give us the tools, please!
Who has a pic of Philips bear? I didn't think he had one because the official wiki does not show it:. Here is the link to all known Linden bears:
Hopefully it will become more like The Sims, where you mostly interact with NPC's. Maybe Rod's experience from The Sims will come into play , someone will listen, and the coders will release some neat tools that 'up the ante' as far as interaction in the world without requiring me to download Yet Another Broken Viewer. It's about time the scripters get some new tools. It takes a lot of effort to make smooth-running animals with the current state of LSL and Havoc. You would be surprised at the trickery it takes just to make a bird fly like a bird. They've added a new command already over on a couple of sims in the beta grid to allow you to smoothly move a prim to various places and pause there, then move to a new place, without using physics. It will reduce code slightly for a few applications, and may make for less lag in some circumstances, since physics takes up a lot of resources.
Opps thats 45 +, not 4+5 fps.
You didn't say what Alienware you have. I have updated both an M17-R1 and a M17x-r3 with the patches posted in this Jira and went from craptastic to fantastic performance. Don't use the Dell drivers. Can you believe Ultra mode at 4+5 fps in Viewer 2 on a laptop?
Add to this 'When I right click any mesh, I hard crash to the desktop" and 'I can't see mesh when using any other viewer thats worth a damn'. I'll probably take a look at using mesh in a year or so when people can actually see it and manipulate it.
Looks cool, but I hate web sites that load eight (8) tracking javascripts from various places (NWN uses 9, but hey, it's you, Hamlet, so you get a pass. It seems this site won't load at all when Facebook connect is off. I'm not personally concerned about my online privacy, and many people do need to sell ads and track their content, but it makes me wonder why it won't load without Facebook involved.
It would be a tragedy to lose translation. If you cannot chat, you are mute. If you cannot read, you are deaf. This will effect everyone, including English users, as we are only about 40% of the current SL user base. Imagine how it will be if a more typical 2% language group can no longer chat with 98% of us. And they add up to 60% of the user base! However, there are ways out of this jam. The Lindens could easily make Google translation continue for those who wish to pay by simply adding a text field for the API key into the Ctrl-P preferences. There are many scripted translators available. Scripted translators, like my free Google Translator, are easily modifiable to accept an API key from Bing or Google. All you will have to do to keep your scripted translator running is register a free account at Bing, click a link, and copy and paste the API key into chat. 1000 translations per day is free. I'll have to wait and see what the costs are for the text translators and decide what to do then. If the costs are reasonable, I'll just pay them. My free Chat-to-Speech translator costs me a few pennies every time it is used, which I just pay out of pocket as the costs are nominal for the few thousand users I have so far. Demo here: "The Translation API uses an Application Key unique to each user/application that allows one to collect statistics on the application." I have over 100,000 SL chat translators in the wild that use my API key, and I can assure you there is no Google or other report available to anyone, except perhaps Google, to know how much chat is translated or anything else about the chat system in SL. Bing is the only viable free alternative that I know of. They purchased the old Yahoo/Systran business some years ago. At the moment, Bing is still free, and better in some ways than Google, but with fewer languages. How they will do under the obvious flood of users heading their way is, as Nalates puts it, another story.
I see naked people. Hamlet, the sim works fine. Second Life servers work great. I checked the sim stats. Even under heavy avatar and script loads (77 avatars, 10 ms script time) the sim is doing great things. In Phoenix Viewer 1.5.2, using http textures, I rezzed everything at 256 meter draw in 15 seconds. The only grey is a couple of fresh arrivals that just tp'd in. For me, Viewer 2 usually works fine. But in this heavy loaded sim, Viewer 2 sucks wind. Viewer 2 with a 64 Meter draw distance, done only a minute later: The client (Viewer 2) is immediately sick, it has no textures, and there are zero pending downloads. After 7 minutes, all I can see is that my clothes are half-rezzed. After 10 minutes, I see two textures and am half-rezzed. At 17 minutes, I see two half baked avatars. At 25 minutes, I give up and have switched groups. No effect. It is now 30 minutes and there are just 4 half-baked avatars. And still 0 pending downloads! I am on a Alienware M17 Laptop, wireless 54Mb, 20 MB FIOS fiber optic. Zero packet loss, 11 hops away with tracert with a net ping of 44ms. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme CPU Q9300 @ 2.53GHz (2526.97 MHz) Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 Conclusion: Viewer 2 loses contact with the texture queue on heavily loaded sims.
They will have to do this to survive the onslaught of DMCA's that mesh uploads will bring. Linden Lab must find a way of enforcing DMCA's, or they will be in big legal trouble from a lot of angry 3rd party developers. There is a huge, vocal and legally powerful professional 3-D mesh marketplace that will defend their legal rights to their IP. There are tens of thousands of models available online, and from what I have seen, a huge number of them are licensed not for resale, but only for use in rigging up digital photography. Look at many of Daz3D's models, for example. You could upload such a model to SL, and take pictures of it without any legal troubles. But there is no legal way to sell a copy of such a mesh. With this, if a DMCA is filed, then a ban on the real person would legally get Linden off the hook for massive damages. I would love to see this happen for all content. Not a Premium user with a verified account? No uploads, sorry. Go play in OpenSim where there is no security.
In the original seminar "Duranske said the best thing to do if your work is stolen is to file a DCMA with Linden Lab.", but he suggests you copyright it. I do not agree with Chestnuts emphasis of the 2nd part, at all. Afif, a photo of your creation would suffice for Copyright. as the law is very broad. For example, 'copying' a Meeroos is prohibited if it is recognizable as a Meeroo. Copybot and outright identical copies are not necessary to infringe. It does not matter if you upload a painting, or create a digital form such as mesh or sculpts, or even make 8-bit pixel art, if it resembles a Meeroo, you can get sued. That's because a Meeroo is not a generic horse or other animal, but a new creation. But if I make a brown horse, and you make one the same size, shape and coloration independently, that is not a violation. If the content was a script, then the copyright for s/w would apply. I see no reason to file for scripts, as scripts are probably the only thing impossible to copy in SL. However, it is not true of Open Sim. The major problem as I see it is we can get sued from outside of SL far more easily than we can sue someone else. One reason that it does not easily work the other way is because SL creations have zero legal value. Linden dollars are legally worthless. The Linden T&C says so. Lindens are not money. Thus it is impossible to prove economic damages for stolen SL items. Remember the Ponzi bank scheme that forced Lindens to ban banking? Legally, the thief never stole one dime. He kept the cash, and if I remember correctly, it was in excess of $100K US Dollars. Converting Lindens to dollars through Paypal does not magically make Lindens legal tender. After they are converted, its real money. Not before. A rough analogy would be a 'copyrighted email address' if such a thing was possible. The characters of the email address are valueless. Yet you can trade the email address of say, Lady Gaga, for big dollars. If I stole her email address from you, you could not sue me for economic damages. Filing a copyright could help you get statutory damages and lawyers fees. That may be a solution for someone making lots and lots of money outside SL, and has a side business inside, such as the Bloodlines company does. If they spot their stolen work, they could, and should, go after the thief. For the small guy making a few bucks in SL, or even a few ten thousand USD, copyright is pretty useless, IMHO. I think that if you have large, provable damages in real money, and the thief has enough assets that you can get back the money you will spend on attorneys court costs and such, and you can identify the culprit, and they are subject to US Law, and you can find an attorney licensed for Federal Court willing to take it on, in the same state as they are, and you live in that same state, then you should probably get a copyright and go after them. Otherwise it is not worth it. This post is Copyright 2011. Any use other than for journalistic excepts or satire is strictly prohibited. Not.