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Great overview and analysis of the people graph opportunities. I think that there are currently huge opportunities in object (topic/industry) graphs where the objects are mass consumer categories for example photos, music, movies, etc. In object graphs the nodes are not people but the underlying objects (photos, music, movies). Also, in object based graph services the user could experience all/many of the different types of people graphs you mentioned but more focused on a specific type of object i.e. Netflix for movies, Spotify for music, PicBounce for photos :)
Good post! Agree that the "close" group is the next frontier in social networking. The types of companies best poised to capture the opportunity (not including Facebook) are: 1. Carriers such as AT&T (if it became an awesome consumer Internet company, over night ;)... 2. Handset manufacturers such as Apple and Google... 3. (Free) Texting apps such as Pinger... These three types of companies have access to your call and SMS logs (frequency of connection, duration, etc) which they can use to automatically determine the groupings along with leveraging Facebook Graph API (mutual friends, common likes, etc.). What would be very interesting would be if the carriers released an API that was similar to Facebook's Graph API and allowed consumers to control which applications can get access to certain data (like the Facebook apps setting page) such as call logs, persistent location, etc.
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Nov 1, 2010