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My best is that the German preference order was the following: 1) Win big on all fronts. 2) Beat the Russians and get a lot of land to the East and a Russia incapable of long term counterattacks while stalemating or losing in the West and Med. 3) Status quo antebellum 4) Lose primarily to the Western Allies/get occupied primarily by the Western Allies 5) Lose and get occupied about equally by the Russians and the Western Allies 6) Get completely occupied by the Russians. Decent chance a series of Nuke attacks in the summer of 45 would have led to similar German civilian and military casualties as the actual Soviet offensives and occupation
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What building and what time? Is the speech open to the public?
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on SPEAKING: Violent Armed Groups at Global Guerrillas
@Min --- you are assuming the entire likely and persuadable voter universe is made up of hard-core political process junkies. As long as the papers report: Congress stops economic aid bill, there is minimal gain there.
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Mar 15, 2010
Isn't that the same argument made in 2006 about watching the Ethiopians take care of the Somali Islamists because the Ethiopians were not constrained by the Western media --- whoops... The big difference is that the oil extractors really don't need the local population for anything, so that is a non-binding constraint of keeping enough people alive to skim the surplus from them, but utter brutality has its limits.