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TC: Yes, as what I think of as being a member of the majority within a conservative GOP , to be marginalized by the insiders is depressing .
TC: Biden has flip flopped on so many issues that it is difficult to know what he thinks we should be celebrating An aside: Mike Lee has been a disappointment on several other important issues.
Read " Death By Journalism "
In 1923, Germany's hyperinflation was so high, the exchange rate went from 9 marks to 4.2M marks to $1 USD. One German worker, who used a wheelbarrow to cart off billions of marks that were his week’s wages, was robbed by thieves who stole the wheelbarrow but left the piles of cash on the curb.
A lot can go wrong in a decade and change in a socialist administration that prints money like it’s no tomorrow. Just ask the Weimar Republic, where in 1923, a one million m,ark note could buy you a loaf of bread — until it couldn’t. Texas Poised To Ban All Red Light Cameras The oft-abused tool is used more to raise revenue than to protect public safety. "If Texas cities want to fine drivers into the poor house, they're going to have to do it the old-fashioned way—with actual law enforcement officers. A bill to ban red light cameras has passed the Texas Legislature and is heading to Gov. Greg Abbott's desk. He's expected to sign it. Red light cameras were allegedly introduced to reduce collisions with an automated system that sent tickets and fines to those who ran through intersections. Or, at least, that's what drivers were told. The reality is that cities use red light cameras as a source of revenue, not for public safety. In Chicago, Illinois, a former city official was sent to prison for taking bribes from a red light camera company. Chicago raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from the camera tickets, and at one point these machines appeared to be malfunctioning and sending out hundreds of tickets inappropriately. Some cities and states have pinned a lot of their budget numbers on this revenue, which creates some pretty twisted incentives. The Dallas Morning News notes that Dallas drew in nearly $6 million from red-light camera fines in 2018. Half of the money goes to the city. The other half gets directed toward trauma hospitals in the state. But there's actually very little evidence that red light cameras actually improve public safety. Study after study often says the opposite, and some communities have stopped using them without being directed to by their state governments. HB 1631 in Texas will forbid the use of red light cameras across the state, and the evidence from these cameras cannot be used for charges or citations. The bill allows municipalities to honor their contracts with private camera operators until they expire, so it may be a few years before they disappear—in Fort Worth, the city contract runs through 2026. But the bill also forbids county and state official from refusing to register a car on the basis of having unpaid red-light camera tickets. Assuming Abbott signs the bill into law, this is great news for citizens, especially n cities that blanket their neighborhoods with cameras to eke out money. Mind you, Texas is still a state where speed traps rule and cities and counties bring in millions in revenue from writing tickets. And those tools of petty enforcement can be used and abused to torment people when officers get angry over any challenge to their authority (See: Sandra Bland). But at least one terrible tool used to milk citizens out of their money is taking the exit ramp." Greensboro is not Texas. In other words we are governed by a ship of fools.
They can't even get Tom Farr confirmed
Something happens to a Republican when they put on black.. Robe Fever . Soooooo disappointing )-:
Pass the popcorn. Why are we facing such a choice. Who are the king makers that that put us on the horn of a dilemma, in the first place. We elected Tillis. We can unelect him if we think there is a better alternative.
The Jewish Encyclopedia gives some statistics on conversion of Jews to Protestantism, to Roman Catholicism, and to Orthodox Christianity. Some 2,000 European Jews converted to Christianity every year during the 19th century, but in the 1890s the number was running closer to 3,000 per year—1,000 in Austria Hungary, 1,000 in Russia , 500 in Germany , and the remainder in the English world. The 19th century saw at least 250,000 Jews convert to Christianity according to existing records of various societies. Data from the Pew Research Center that as of 2013, about 1.6 million adult Americans of Jewish background identify themselves as Christians, most are Protestant. According to same data most of the Americans of Jewish background who identify themselves as some sort of Christian (1.6 million) were raised as Jews or are Jews by ancestry. According to 2012 study 17% of Jews in Russia identify themselves as Christians.
Ben Shapiro believes in God but can't prove his existence. Some call Shapiro , in the extreme, an Antichrist for denying the divinity of Jesus. That would be okay except most of Judaism today is still waiting for the messiah who will have have markers ( Maimonides ) that will identify the true one. That is, with the exception of Jews For Jesus. A jew can be converted . Andrew Klavan, for instance. Take time and watch his story' Religion and faith are complicated and intensely personal subjects. However much we might like to, we can’t control how our others feel about God, Jesus and Judaism. What we can, and should do, is make sure that when they make decisions about faith, we’ve given them opportunities to learn about the history and culture of our own heritage, so that they can make an educated decision. The best we can do is say The Good Friday Prayer: ( It has a long history with many revisions: "Let us pray also for the Jewish people, to whom the Lord our God spoke first, that he may grant them to advance in love of his name and in faithfulness to his covenant. (Prayer in silence. Then the Priest says:) Almighty ever-living God, who bestowed your promises on Abraham and his descendants, hear graciously the prayers of your Church, that the people you first made your own may attain the fullness of redemption. Through Christ our Lord. Amen."
The General Assembly should follow Texas's led. Texas Poised To Ban All Red Light Cameras The oft-abused tool is used more to raise revenue than to protect public safety.
Exit the EU. Nigel Farage for PM . YES !!
Toggle Commented May 22, 2019 on Nationalism in the UK and USA at Triad Conservative
Let's hope those rumors are just that .. rumors , and that the GOP will resist
Indeed , serious business.. Matthew 7:15
Toggle Commented May 14, 2019 on Carter Theology at Triad Conservative
TC: Thanks for that lesson
Toggle Commented May 14, 2019 on Tariffs Are a Good Thing at Triad Conservative
Hear, hear what the the man says
Go see it then tell me about Roe v. Wade
Yvonne Johnson has been at the government trough since 1982. From 1993 to the present she has been on city council or mayor. During Johnson's stint on our governing board the city has funded her non-profit. She simply abstained and her liberal soul mates oked the grant. Perhaps , just perhaps , Phillips and company will put the brakes on this skulduggery
I am not familiar with any of the candidates in the race to fill Walter Jones' seat , except Greg Murphy. In 2017 he introduced in the NC legislature the " Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention Act ". I saw this as an example of government overreach and unduly burdensome on physicians. I wrote a letter to the N&R detailing why it was misdirected. Unfortunately it passed. I have visited Murphy's campaign site. He has checked off all the appropriate boxes.. Pro Trump, Pro 2nd Amendment , Pro life etc but then again don't they all. I would be interested in who is bank rolling Murphy's war chest and all the other contenders as well. Is that information available ?