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Fred Gregory
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Let's hope those rumors are just that .. rumors , and that the GOP will resist
Indeed , serious business.. Matthew 7:15
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Carter Theology at Triad Conservative
TC: Thanks for that lesson
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Tariffs Are a Good Thing at Triad Conservative
Hear, hear what the the man says
Go see it then tell me about Roe v. Wade
Yvonne Johnson has been at the government trough since 1982. From 1993 to the present she has been on city council or mayor. During Johnson's stint on our governing board the city has funded her non-profit. She simply abstained and her liberal soul mates oked the grant. Perhaps , just perhaps , Phillips and company will put the brakes on this skulduggery
I am not familiar with any of the candidates in the race to fill Walter Jones' seat , except Greg Murphy. In 2017 he introduced in the NC legislature the " Strengthen Opioid Misuse Prevention Act ". I saw this as an example of government overreach and unduly burdensome on physicians. I wrote a letter to the N&R detailing why it was misdirected. Unfortunately it passed. I have visited Murphy's campaign site. He has checked off all the appropriate boxes.. Pro Trump, Pro 2nd Amendment , Pro life etc but then again don't they all. I would be interested in who is bank rolling Murphy's war chest and all the other contenders as well. Is that information available ?
It is painfully obvious, to anybody who examines the empirical evidence, that this headlong rush to conglomeration benefits a few and shafts the many ( oatients )
Yvonne Johnson has been at the taxpayer trough for over 4 decades and still wants more
She should testify under oath in a Grand Jury about these matters and the tarmac meeting with WJC.
I have confidence the Commissioners will just say no. If not the last Republican out of the county please take the flag
Agreed but Victor Davis Hanson can hold a stimulating conversation about history and culture And Peter Navarro has some economic sense .
I gave my daughter, upon her 1983 graduation from high school, a copy of Friedman's book " Free to Choose ". I know that it helped shape her world view. BTW Friedman's interview with Phil Donahue is priceless.
Memo to Bill Barr: LOCK HER UP !
Yeah, Medicare For All. Cost $33 Trillion ( that's with a T ) Plus destroy private insurance in this country. They are crazy, these Democrats
Expanding Medicaid in NC is suicide . A mini New Green Deal. These people are clinically insane
Yeah, and give the school board taxing authority while you are at it. If that happens a lot of folks should consider saying bye bye to Guilford County.
How can the establishment be tossed out the barn door. There are elections every 2 years
Folwell is a good an honest public servant. Let's hope the hacks won't interfere with his mission.
Do you think Tillis be primaried ?
TTL.. We don't have an AOC and if am hearing correctly will be primaried in 2020
Yes, let's hope