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I just loosed a long comment about how I vote in those contests. Now I will just say how much I would like to know how everyone vote... I look for Beauty: appealing to my eye Fit for fabric: must be enjoyable and interesting from different distances; repeat and placement of motives well thought; Readable after printing on a fabric... Well done: neither crude hand design nor crude digital design. Finished, balanced, well placed and repeat, color palette well balanced... True to the theme: If the design is very good but does not fit in the theme imho I do not vote for it. Also, even if most of the time I do not look at the designer's name, if it is from a multi-winning designer it must really blow me away to get my vote: I am all for spreading the joy. ;-) With my total respect to everyone who took the time and patience to create a swatch for the contest. I know how difficult it is.
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For once I voted for quite a few of the fabrics. I take this opportunity to explain a little bit how I vote on the spooflower contests. Of course I voted for the design tht are esthetically appealing to me. But I had a few criterias to my choice. - True to the theme: I give the designers a good margin around the theme, but even if I LOVE a design, I don't vote for the ones that are not repecting the theme at all - in my opinion. - Fit for fabric: I always remember that the designs are supposed to be printed on and used as a piece of fabric. Therefore I think they should have a graphic appeal that allow them to be really used as fabric. The repeat is also scrutinised (quickly, because there are really too much choice in most of the contests). - Well made: clean (but not raw) design, with well chosen colours, good position and repeat and a well-finished aspect win a bonus point! If the design is in the theme, graphically of iconographically surprising, in beautiful or nice colours and I can imagine using the resulting fabric in an inspiring project, I fell in lova and may well go back cancel all my other votes to give my voice to one swatch only. It has happened once or twice. I must say I tried to create a swatch or two. It is really difficult, and I admire all participants for their time and efforts. I would be very interested to read how everyone is voting. Best wishes to all
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May 23, 2011