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Aug 26, 2012
You said you just pay taxes when you buy something. You believe that's what Fairtax is. No, that's NOT what fairtax is. That is what the books videos and speeches say it is. But that is NOT, repeat NOT, repeat NOT what the legislation and supporting documents say. You also pay other taxes. Did you know that? Of course you did not. The OTHER taxes you would have to pay are the increases in your city county and state taxes, that Fairtax documents themselves show would have to go up. WAY up. WAY WAY UP. Fairtax wont give you a # of how much they will have to go up, but I can. Fairtax documents -- and I can show them to you -- admit that all city county and state taxes would have to increase. They even say "WE ASSUME" state and local taxes will increase. Again, they don't say how much. Again, I can show you good faith estimates how MUCH they would have to go up. But that they would go up is indisputable. Don't get mad at me. I hate our tax code. I want a flat tax or something like it, but the devil is always in the details, and with hustlers like Fairtax making up seem like down, it's hard to know who to trust. So please don't write back and say oh you just like the IRS or some such nonsense. I hate our tax code. I want a completely new tax code. But we gotta quit falling for BS. WE can't keep being stupid fools for liars. And I don't care if you think Huckabee and Boortz are from Jesus, they did not tell us the truth about Fairtax. Huckabee, I think, did not know. Fairtax is a hustle, it seems great. I think he was fooled. But I know that he knows NOW that is was a hustle, and I'm disappointed he isn't candid about that. Facts matter.
Yeah Harley Fairtax sounds great. You got the speil. YOu are a walking talking bumper sticker for them. I was at least a big a supporter of Fairtax as you are. But I asked questions when I noticed a little "issue". And I got the run around. SO I asked more. And I am an honest person, intellectually. IF I have a an opinion, or think I know something "for sure" I can accept new information. I've been fooled by great sounding stuff before. But I thought Fairtax was on the level because of the research. The promises seemed too good to be true, but since they had Doctor Jorgenson from Harvard doing their research, and they had 80 top economist, well that was overwhelming. Fairtax had to be great. And absolutely it could not be a hustle. Right? WRong. The first thing I found out is that literally there is no research to support it. I mean none. I mean NOT ONE PAGE. I looked. I asked to see it. I offered 50,000 dollars, really, if they just show me one PAGE of it, that proves Fairtax is factually a personal retail tax. I still offer that. In fact, I even offer you that, as a legally binding offer. You don't have to show Fairax works, just show the research or legislation, or whatever, anything, that proves it's a personal retail sales tax, or a personal consumption tax, or whatever other way they put it, as a personal tax. How hard can that be? Could I make the offer any easier? Just show the research! Just show anywhere in the legislation it proves, factually, that Fairtax is personal tax, retail consumption whatever, that replaces all other fed taxes. Really, how could i make it any easier? Just SHOW the paper! Just show the words! Here is why they can't .
One of the funniest articles I've ever read. Only, in all respect, I am laughing at you, not with you. If you think 999 is flater or fairer, I have a bridge to sell you. I doubt you have any clue what 999 is. Take this simple test to find out. Assume a cancer victim on medicare needs emergency surgery and chemotherapy to survive breast cancer. Her medical consumption is 200,000 dollars. How much would 999 tax that cancer surgery and chemotherapy? If you said nothing, you are wrong. If you said 36,000 dollars, you are right. The destitute patient has to pay 9% and the hospital (or associated businesses) also have to pay 9%. Why? Because 999 is a "consumption tax". Not a sales tax. This is the exact same trick used by Fairtax. To make the goofy numbers work, 999 and Fairtax both give the IMPRESSION of being a sales tax, but the fine print and math show it's a consumption tax, and the math is based on actually getting 9% on all CONSUMPTION, 9% of all INCOME, and 9% of all business receipts. 999 isn't as well documented at Fairtax, which has extensive double talk, fine print, and footnotes. Herman changes his 999 plan as often as some people change underware, so what is true on a Tuesday about the farce, may be changed by Wednesday, depending on what group he is talking to. But the group that put together Fairtax is apparently the same hucksters that put together 999. You can't see details of 999 to any extent, but since Herman was in on this same con game with Fairtax, it's unlikely he suddenly found religion or ethics and started telling the truth. Don't get me wrong, I want Herman to win. I want him somehow to pass 999 or Fairtax. Since cult members like yourself seem immune to reason or math, since your math skills are only as good as your ability to spot hustlers (that means, non-exisitant) I doubt you can figure these things out, unless you actually live through them. So pass something really goofy, fine with me. We need a new tax code anyway, and can always use the laugh. Then maybe people will learn -- for 100 years -- that you should read the fine print. We might even teach that to our children, politicians, and self appointed tax experts, who are dumber than a box of rock. We need a new tax code. So every liar, con artist and hustler is out there with their magic wand. Oh that's right, Huckabee and Cain both got paid to hawk Fairtax, and Huck even called it a magic wand.
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Congratulations. Remember, our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers had to stand up to the power of corporations and their hirelings. It is human nature. If slave holders could justify the torture of women, the selling of children, the burning to death of me who resisted, then it is nothing for those today who believe workers are paid too much. Like the slave holders really believed that God intended them to have the fruit of other's labor -- and torture and brutality was how they got it -- the corporate big whigs really believe workers should shut up and accept table scraps. Don't feel too superior -- you would feel that way if you were a slave owner, and if you were a corporate big whig. Human nature. Stand up, we live in a country where these people can TRY to screw the working man, but we can stand up and fight back. What the Koch brothers, and Murdoch and others have done, is simply to buy the propaganda machine of FOX spews and hate radio, and feed into the stupidity of people who don't know their history. We should teach real history in our schools -- teach what slavery was really about. Teach how the struggle for the working class has been ongoing, and how people have suffered and fought to give us what we have today. If people knew the history of the struggle, they wouldn't fall for that FOX news crap, which is just a propaganda arm of the corporations.
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Jul 13, 2011