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I think you strategically delete code like you might preen a bonsai tree. When then the bonsai tree pisses you off or looks ugly you delete it and start again. But code is not inventory. It’s scaffolding, that may or may not be well erected, that the business uses to do its jobs. The scaffolding can always be taken down, replaced, etc.. The code is not an essential part of the business, it’s accidental – like inventory – but unlike inventory does not become part of a product only part of an enabler.
What he said. I also think you are talking about a healthy organisation. Nothing too new there. I think Value Streams are tool for getting rid of waste, nothing more nothing less. A healthy organisation 'comprises three systems: a tasks system or system of work roles designed to achieve the tasks an organisation is in business to perform; a sentient system, the system where the employees’ human needs for affiliation and identity are met; and an overarching management system that manages the relations between the two.' Pizer and Hartel, ‘For Better or For Worse: Organizational Culture and Emotions’ in Hartel et al., Emotions in Organisational Behaviour. Lawrence Erlbaum, 2009. p. 336
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I do think it's a hard and delicate balance. I was at a code retreat on Saturday and it was really clear to see that design is often an exercise in faith. The design will come when you've prodded it around for a bit, but you can't always see it. So, one type of directive is to ask your team to suspend judgment, to say, 'trust me, and let this one run'. And therefore, underneath the styles should be a dedication to building trust. That's obvious to you, Rachel, but not to everyone. I liked this post. Good use of a simple model to get people thinking. Trust is chicken and egg, of course, like finding space. Then, once you have it, your team will help you with your style. My mates always say to me, 'ok! I get it'. That's my queue to be less directive. Jamie.
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Oct 25, 2010