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Hello Chuck, long time reader first time commenter and now a member of twitter. I have been a VMware customer for over 10 years now and really enjoy the ride I have been on. Thanks to VMware for bringing a great product to market. We are now a Nutanix customer and are very happy with support, performance and reliability. In my opinion a real home run combination. My question to you is does VMware really want to be the hyperconverged leader? We tested Nutanix and VSAN about a year ago and there really was not a comparison. I love VMware and we of course choose VMware as they hypervisor, but for the distributed local storage and manageability, performance during rebuild and over all ease of use Nutanix, the product reliability really shined above VMware VSAN. I am sure things have improved on the VSAN side with 6 and I give VMware a lot of credit, because VSAN is much better than the VSA, I think it is meaning to replace. My point is does VMware really want to try to compete with an innovative company like Nutanix and go feature for feature with Nutanix? In my limited and un-sophisticed look at things, VSAN can and does have its place, but when you try to do everything that a storage array or feature that Nutanix is doing with its distributed file system and shove all of that into the kernel of hypervisor you have to have some loss of security and reliability. Is NSX (another hot button topic) in kernel or is it a VSA? I think it is a virtual appliance but I'm not sure. vSphere 5.1 was the worst release of any VMware product in a long time 5.5 has been great and I hope that introducing all of this VSAN stuff into the kernel does not compromise all that “we” VMware worshipers have loved for so many years….reliability. Thanks again. Ray
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Mar 27, 2015