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I love all of your flowers. As usual, the Christmas blossoms meet the same high standard as your other flowers do. I would love to win some!
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2015 on "Claus & Co." Christmas HOP! at Petaloo
Thanks so much for offering the giveaway kits. I love the colors used in them and the flowers are wonderful. I've left a message here and on Facebook and am asking a friend to view and like Petaloo as well. That won't be hard at all. I don't know how to pin at Pinterest. Thanks again.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2014 on New ... DADS & GRADS Blog Hop! at Petaloo
Well done, Jen. I love the color combination and the balance on the page. How do you go about pulling things together? Do you do it on the fly, or do you have a vision and pull everything together first? Just wondering what works best for you.
Great tip and one that can be used often as cards are mailed out. Thanks for sharing!
Oh, you tease! I love the Carta Bella line. Both are so beautiful it's hard to yes, both would be excellent. LOL And those stamps - awesome!
Could my eyes be any bigger?? The inner child in me is coming out!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win and believe me, I would LOVE to win. Merry Christmas everyone!
First of all, welcome to Allison. News of you joining is wonderful! I so love this collection of paper. It's absolutely beautiful. I love the how the colors blend and work with each other and the designs are stunning. I can really see it in my collection. It would make a beautiful scrapbook. Kay, thanks for your take using this paper. I love how your layout turned out. Can relate about the dogs hitting the water. I have one that runs into it and another dog that dips her toes in and tries to decide whether she should go any further. LOL Great job and thanks for sharing it.
Dear Santa, I've been good so far this year and promise I will be good for the rest. I would love anything but in particular, I would like something from the Nature, Circus and/or Elements section.
What a fab idea. Thanks for the tip.
This is an absolutely wonderful collection from Websters. I have fallen for their line and just recently picked up Everyday Poetry to use with pics of my Mom and sisters...but looking at the Girl Land collection I think this speaks volumes and would work better for my Mom and my three sisters. Let's hear it for the girls!!
Gosh, thanks so much for featuring my card. I was so surprised that I grabbed my husband to show him the card as soon as I spotted it. I may have pulled too hard as he almost fell off his chair on route to the computer to see it. Thanks again!
My sister is an adult who is delayed and is currently living with my Mom. I take my sister to scrapbooking classes and she loves making things and is so proud of herself and what she has made. I think that a subscription to my Mom would be great. The two could scrapbook together with help from your magazine. Mom can share her memories that are associated with the pictures and my sister can supply her know how. How precious those memories are.
Fantastic! What a wonderful collection. It just kept getting better and better as I scrolled down. Thanks so much for the preview.
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There are many things that I enjoyed throughout the day. I really wouldn't feel right choosing only one as I learned something from each and every person who added to this wonderful day. I think the one thing 'overall' would be my confidence level. I feel like it's grown. I also feel that I've gotten to know the different artists on my journey today. Thanks kindly.
These are my colors. Simple as that. I can see this for the guys in my life as well as travel - such a variety of options here. Thanks Bo Bunny.
Today I've learned a lot. The one thing that 'sticks' out in 'my mind' is the '3' rule. It will definitely make my scrapbooking look much nicer. Thanks so much,Lynn. This is a keeper for me.
Thanks so much for the tip and for an opportunity to win a Jillibean Soup box full of goodies! I was at the scrapbook store today and purchased a couple of supplies - two of them being Jill's. Loved checking out your area in the store, as I always do.
Here's my link to the card I created. Lots of fun with the colors!
The make and takes look awesome. I wish I could be there, but Calgary is a bit too far away. Have fun!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2012 on Make&Takes for Scrapfest at Art designed to Inspire
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Thanks for the tip, Beth. I don't usually have a lot of luck with glitter. I definitely will try it with the Xyron. Please enter me in the draw to win one. Thanks!
Thanks and bouquets out to MaryAnn and Sandy for helping out the 'newbies' on the site!
Fingers crossed that this will work... Titled: Fond Memories!! (under albums) or Thanks for your patience
Hi all, I've never posted a picture of my work here...I'm a beginner both in computers and in scrapbooking and card making. Could someone please send me simple directions on how to do this properly? Many thanks!
I just love receiving scrapbook items in the mail. And you're absolutely right on the money. You take them out and play with them (matching and mismatching LOL) but all the while making plans most excitedly. Have fun, Kelly.
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Congrats! What wonderful news for your daughter. There's an attachment between Momma's and daughters and their joy is so strongly shared. I can feel the warmth and love that you both share with each other all the way here in Canada!
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2012 on BIG MOMENTS.... at TERESA COLLINS