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Having already noted a few threads down my preference for subs over dubs, this is welcome news. Having both options available (by whatever means) is ideal.
As an anime fan, I'm seeing an improvement in the streaming offerings, but I'm less interested in those since I tend to prefer watching anime in Japanese with subtitles whereas the streams are invariably dubbed into English. I've noticed a marked deterioration in the availability of DVD titles, even recent releases. Some new series drop to "Saved" status after only a few months of availability, and they rarely if ever acquire re-releases of older titles even when the availability of the previous release has decayed into nothingness.
Two films have remained in my Saved section practically since the day I joined 4.5 years ago. One is The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover mentioned above. The other: The Krays (1990) Director Peter Medak's BAFTA-nominated drama depicts the real-life story of twins Reggie (Martin Kemp) and Ronald Kray (Gary Kemp), two notoriously vicious gangsters who would ultimately lead the criminal underworld of 1960s London. Raised in the city's working-class East End, the twins -- feared by everyone around them -- gained both power and respect, though eventually the brothers' horrific brutality turned even their own against them.
Saturday processing update: The Salem, OR processing center has started shipping on Saturday.
No Saturday processing at the Salem, OR center yet.
Actually, I was hoping for something like this as well. My almost-ex-wife had a separate profile on my account. I want to delete the profile but I can't, and neither can Netflix--I called and checked. I deleted all of her ratings, but the rental history apparently Must Remain Until The End Of Time. Really annoying.