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DC can't get a single fucking thing right. It's either the art that's a total horror, or the writing stinks, or it's fucking both. And I've tried to be excited about this relaunch, God knows I've tried, but WHY have they invited the same useless people back to stink up the place? That panel with Green Arrow shooting up some cadavers? Yeah, that's the future of DC Comics right there. Everyone involved should be let go post haste, and Mark Chiarello should be allowed to run the whole show, as opposed to (as I currently imagine) being confined to a tiny office in the virtually derelict east wing of the building, behind a door which has a filing cabinet wedged against it, so he can't get out and cause any trouble with his "ideas". I'm reaching a point where I can't even finish reading a DC book. That Secret Seven thing, with Peter Milligan and George Perez? That should've been amazing, right? And the Jeff Lemire Frankenstein thing - that's a no-brainer. Jeff Lemire does Hellboy, with Grant Morrison's Monster - unimpeachable. And yet, and yet... I wanted to throw the things in the trash when I was done with them. There was such a fundamental disconnect between the story and the art in both cases (in SS, due to an idealogical mismatch, in Frankenstein due to rank incompetence), that reading them was an actual chore. Dear DC - you need new editors, fucking STAT.
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Jun 27, 2011