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EXPOSE ::Blockchain HUGE 21st Century Hoax; Here's why- Complete Utter Hogwash! But, proves that ole smelly stuff, still baffles brains. The key to this massive hoax is, firstly, revealed at the point of data capture; in terms of the nature of information or transactions being collected in each block. Irrespective of any value-audit at the point of data capture, it goes without saying, that the value of any information or transaction; anywhere on this planet is constantly changing - in fact, the laws of thermodynamics support the reality of physical and abstract value fluidity through-out the universe and on this planet, largely because; on the whole, it is over time moving towards chaos, or for that matter, a ZERO VALUE condition under the second law of thermodynamics. Thus, the even the most complete, accurate and objective value audit is only somewhat meaningful just at the point of initial data capture. "If it is too good to be true; it probably is... ' Leading to another massive hole in this concept, in that there is also nothing in this technology that provides for an on-going optic or measurement of the transaction or information values collected and contained in any of the chained blocks within the chain (i.e. there is no innate or inside the block value thermometer) beyond the point of data capture - so by the time you go to open the block, some decades from now, ( or even next week) you could most likely find that there is actually little or nothing of any value there - which should come as no surprise to anyone, because we live on a finite planet that has less aggregate value with each passing moment, as its non-renewable resources are being concurrently depleted with growing populations. The opened empty block would hence, conform as expected, with both the laws of the universe and noted planetary constraints. In other words, you would have to insanely absurd to think that you can defeat the physical universal laws and constraints of the planet with the high technology of mere snake-oil semantics, software-programming and mathematics, combined with zealous criminal propaganda - seeking bigger fools happy to buy your next invisible tulip bulb created and marketed with unlimited abundance??? So, as Shakespeare once prolifically remarked, "A fraud by any other name; would still be a ..." Hmm... The End
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Mar 9, 2018