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Female Australian interested in politcal debates
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I seriously can't stand his man. He should be ashamed of himself for causing so much damage to this country during his stint as PM. So embarrassing that neither major Party could bring themselves to endorse his application to be head of the UN. Go away Kevin, you have had your day in the limelight.
I have a lot of respect for Kirralie. Her posts are always back up by credible research, and she is of course 100% correct on this issue. It's getting so ridiculous now you can't even legitimately discuss this religion. Everyone is being slowly silenced and banned from Socialist run platforms. The Catholic Church could only dream of such censorship.
Daniel is a verrrrrry lucky lad >_< The crocs eye was on the fish, not so much on him.
Don't make me laugh when your crowd crawls into bed with the radical GREENS.
It will never happen under ANY Labor government. The West have imported these people,and now they have become a sizable voting block. Islam and the Socialist Left have become bedfellows in a dangerous symbiotic relationship. They now use their clout to browbeat anyone who dares to legitimately question this faith and the behavior of it's adherents. You only had to listen to Waleed's interview with Scott Morrison to see this in action. Morrison was walking into a hostile interview, only he had the intelligence not to fall into the trap that was clearly set up for him.
If I see anyone out of the ordinary, I'll be walking straight back out again. Nature will just have to wait that little bit longer.
If I see anyone out of the ordinary, I'll be walking straight back out. Nature will just have to wait a little bit longer.
Life was so much better without your left wing socialist bullsh*t propagandists. You and your buddies have really sunk to a new low trying to indoctrinate mindless sheep from Kindergarten to University. An entire generation coming out so dumbed down they can't string two sentences properly, add up or recite a decent poem, or even have a modicum of historical knowledge of the country they were born in. That is where we are sadly at now, no thanks to your socialist politicians and their equally deficient 'advisors'. Abbott has a huge task in front of him to at least bring the pendulum back to the center.
Here's about where we stand with the Islamist wretches inside and out: Enjoy while you are still able - it's people like you who have a completely romanticized view of this oppressive religion!
The Brit is Back and he's Good. If you haven't seen this Brit before, you've missed an extraordinarily erudite speaker. He is serious when he is funny and he is funny when he is serious. And, boy, is he on point! This is his latest ...
England is just about finished, and so is France and the rest of Europe. The West has lost the will to fight for it's own culture,values and laws. The West was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs and now we are allowing it to be dismantled and replaced by a religion that is far more dangerous and destructive than ours ever was. If we won't stand up for our own belief systems then we deserve everything we get.
The Muslims aren't happy! They're not happy in Gaza. They're not happy in Egypt. They're not happy in Libya. They're not happy in Morocco. They're not happy in Iran. They're not happy in Iraq. They're not happy in Yemen. They're not happy in Afghanistan. They're not happy in Pakistan. They're not happy in Syria. They're not happy in Lebanon. And where are they happy? They're happy in England. They're happy in France. They're happy in Italy. They're happy in Germany. They're happy in Sweden. They're happy in the USA. They're happy in Norway. They're happy in Canada They're happy in Australia They're happy in New Zealand They're happy in every country that is not Muslim. And whom do they blame? Not Islam. Not their leadership. Not themselves. THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN.
Very clever of the Hispanics don't you think? - the plan is to eventually take back what they once controlled - Texas and California.
This is pretty jaw dropping: Alan talks to the CEO of the Waubra Foundation about the negative health impacts of wind turbines:
The PC mad cow disease has also found it's way into Europe and England. In fact England is now a lost cause, and the poor Brits know it.
Here's my deal: We apologize for our phone tapping in exchange for a full apology from Indonesia for the slaughter of our ABC journalists, and to fully repatriate their bodies to Australia for decent burial. Sounds like a fair exchange to me. Two can play at this bloody game, and the Indonesians should be put on notice we are not putting up with their crap anymore....including their deliberate flooding of this country of boat people by their people smuggling networks - whom I might add get a LOT of help from their corrupt police and army operatives.
Yes, Barry apologized to Merkal - do you think that relations between the two will ever be as they were before? That little bastard Snowdon is a traitorous dog. He, along with Assange have done more to damage the West than any enemy could have dreamed of. Indeed, go ahead, lets destroy the West and weaken her to the point of no return - just be prepared for what takes it's place!!
[The sadness of their service is that like all other servicemen and women in all other conflicts is that when they arrive back home they will be treated as second class citizens by the government of the day.] We treat them slightly better than the USA - where over 60,000 war veterans are homeless and living under bridges. I saw a documentary not long ago on this and it literally tore my guts looking at amputees being thrown to the wolves like they were used rubbish. I don't think the Australian public would tolerate governmental neglect on that scale - and we do have Legacy and the RSL. I believe our government is in the process of building a state of the art rehabilitation center to deal with Afghan returnees. However, they must add to that and provide good quality mental health services to deal with Post Traumatic Stress disorders that will arise from this conflict. It's not as if they don't know about these the lack of political will that let's down our soldiers so badly. However, as voters, it is up to us to make damned sure they don't get away with their bastardry on these issues.
Have you ever been to Israel Ted?
Totally agree - we haven't learned much since ancient times have we - doomed to repeat the same pathetic behavior with each new generation. It's enough to make you despair for the future.
OMG! Can somebody PROMISE me that this is the last we will see of this self promoting narcissist wretch!!!!
American Ambassador John Bolton on the miserable state of the UN....
Thanks AlterEgo - my surgeon usually writes his bills out with a fork - so looking for to them, not! Will probably have a heart attack when I get them - but hoping my private health insurance will cover most. I wouldn't have had this operation only they stuffed up the last one down in Brisbane. They managed to rupture my abdominal wall and I ended up with a large hernia. This time I got my local surgeon to do the job. A rather cocky American lad, buy hey, I am not complaining, he really knows his stuff. He and his wife actually sailed their own yacht to Australia for a holiday, he loved the place so much he wound up his New York practice and set up shop here in Central Qld. He stays here because it gives him close access to the Great Barrier Reef. Diving is a hobby of his.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2013 on Senator slams ABC's objectivity at Menzies House
Sorry - not interested in Fox USA - I don't get SKY either Al Jazeera is in the wee hours of the morning - only came across it in the last few weeks because I am recuperating from an operation and can't get any decent shut eye. Wake up at 3 in the morning and can't get back to sleep, so find myself channel surfing until the rising sun :-( As I said before we are lumbered with VAST TV and most of our programing comes from all over the place. Darwin, Alice Springs, Townsville ,ect. We only have one designated local news channel and NONE of our major programming is local either, including our ads. Besides, most of our airwaves in this country are plastered with the left point of view. Very little conservative programs, except things like The Bolt report on channel 10.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2013 on Senator slams ABC's objectivity at Menzies House
HOW TO START EACH DAY WITH A POSITIVE OUTLOOK: 1. Open a new file in your computer. 2. Name it 'Bill Shorten'. 3. Send it to the Recycle Bin. 4. Empty the Recycle Bin. 5. Your PC will ask you. ' Do you really want to get rid of 'Bill Shorten ?' 6. Firmly Click 'Yes.' 7. Feel better? Tomorrow we'll do Tanya !!