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Karly Pitman
Karly Randolph Pitman is the founder of First Ourselves,, helping women love their bodies, feel beautiful, and make self care their top priority. She lives with her family in the mountains of Montana.
Recent Activity
First Ourselves, a Typepad blog dedicated to helping women care for themselves, was featured on Yahoo! Shine over the weekend in their article, "4 Ways to Be Kind to Your Body Right Now." First Ourselves founder Karly Randolph Pitman has also been featured in several radio interviews in the past month. She discussed ways to create a healthy body image on Heal Yourself talk radio, how she conquered sugar addiction on the Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show, and why moms need healthy selfishness on Journey to Self Talk Radio. First Ourselves offers women tips on loving their bodies, creating a positive body image, nurturing themselves, conquering sugar addiction, and positive parenting.
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Bravo, Stephanie. Your courage and honesty are so inspiring. I remember how I felt the first time I put my weight (my true weight, not my fantasy weight) and size on my blog---my thoughts were very similar to your own. And yet it felt so freeing, to be honest, to share myself with the world. Like you, I write about helping women love their bodies. I have days when I feel like a traitor, too, when I wonder, "Who am I to be helping women about this???" But, let's remember: we can love our bodies, and inspire other women to love their bodies, even when we aren't in looooove with our bodies. It is our very imperfection that connects us to other women; they are inspired by our examples because we do stumble and fall, not in spite of stumbling and falling. I also like to remember that the voice that chides me, berates me, that makes me anxious/fearful/questioning/doubtful of myself? That voice is my ego, not my spirit. That voice that chides you for not being perfect? That is not your spirit, either. Listen to your spirit, dear. You have a beautiful one. In sisterhood, Karly Pitman
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I also give Eckhart Tolle a thumbs up. The Power of Now was integral in my life several years ago when I was trying to heal my depression, negative body image, and low self esteem. You can apply his message to any area of your life, including, yes learning to love your body. I think Oprah's class will greatly impact our consciousness in a positive way. Best, Karly Pitman
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My blog, First Ourselves (, and my work with helping women love their bodies was featured on Joanie Greggains' radio show on KGO ( this morning. I've gotten many compliments on my blog's look and feel: thank you Typepad for making an easy to use, and great looking product.
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