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I always assumed that the purpose of sending a student to a partner university overseas is for them to experience learning in another culture. How can this experience be authentic if the professor is from the US, quite possibly with very little knowledge of and life experience in the host country? If there was a question of whether or not the foreign partner university or department had a questionable teaching reputation, why choose them as a partner? Lloyd responds: I agree completely with you if we are talking about US study abroad programs. I do think many US universities and colleges virtually assure that their study abroad programs lead to little fundamental growth in their students by providing an "encapsulated" US experience in a foreign country. However, here, we are talking of US universities that are seeking to educate international students in their home countries, not US students. These are students who want the benefit of a US education, but for one reason or another cannot come to the US.
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Jan 4, 2010