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Jason Fischbach
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Julie, I absolutely agree with your point. Burnout definitely isn't unique to millenials, but that being said, I think that a few factors to predispose them to burnout more quickly and consistently. The "no child left behind" culture is certainly one of them. Coming from a childhood where the losing soccer team gets the same trophy means that we're constantly expecting each minor success to be rewarded and each failure to be overlooked. In the real world successes are expected and failures are, well, failures. It makes for a much tougher employee to keep motivated and working. Of course the 24/7 availability is also a factor, and to that I say that the more engrained you are in media such as social networks, the more they'll have an effect on your life. A 25 year old takes different things out of Facebook than a 40 year old. Millenials are arguably more connected than any group before them, and this takes its toll. Fortunately, while there are more ways to bog yourself down, there are also new ways to escape. Maybe once a week instead of checking emails on the train, you stream a movie through Netflix. Find something that helps you relax and enjoy life, and no matter what age you are, you can make it through.
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Dec 30, 2011