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I suppose part of this is whether one's paganism is based on theory or on place. I live in the NE USA. For me, the elemental connections are: East: water; South: fire; West: Earth; North: Air (we have lots of cold air coming from Canada!). Personally, I have a strong affiliation to North., however once slices it up.
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I and my husband basically thought of and referred to our daughter as "a kid". That helped us avoid the gendered expectations. Rather than saying "good girl", we'd say things like "excellent!". Since she had pretty much no hair until she was 18 months, people would default to seeing her as a boy. Even when she had on a pink t-shirt with "GIRL!" on it- which we got primarily because people got so embarrassed when they thought she was a boy and she wasn't. Now, if they just said "What a cute boy!" I'd say "Thank you!"; if they said "What a cute boy, what's his name?", I'd have to say "Well, she's a girl, and her name is K-----", and then they'd get all embarrassed. And so we tried the GIRL t-shirt, and it didn't help. After that, we mainly dressed her in stuff from both the boy and the girl parts of the kids' clothing store. (I did make her swirly fun dresses for Xmas, because she adored them, but they were not a part of her daily attire.) And- she's grown up to be her own person, and identifies as gender-queer, and that's cool. She seems to self-identify more as "femme" than as cisgendered female, which is an interesting approach and one I respect- gender as basically performance, not inherent.
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Oct 12, 2011