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outside Washington DC
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"But what an expert programmer spends his or her time on is always a negotiated thing. Partly it's a matter of skill and expertise (who is best placed to identify algorithms or code-level weaknesses and areas for improvement?), partly it's a matter of "what needs to be done" and partly it's a matter of innovation." This is the most important sentence I've read in years about managing professional software folks. The expert developer is 10 to 50 times more productive than the average programmer. (Some studies say 100 times.) Its an art. You have to get the artist to accept the commission as a collaboration. If you think that a command flowing down the hierarchy is going to work, you are as out of touch as Dilbert's PHB. They don't work for money. They do want to get paid for their work, but its a target rich environment for the experts.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2008 on Paying for Linux at Whimsley
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