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Torrid climate, the nature provided to the human being a skin covered of melanina to prevent the skin cancer and a hidrolisado hair to hold back all the water and sweat for auto-refrigeration. Therefore it is a historical, genetic hair, of paper importantssimo in the evolution of the humanity. (Josemir Camilo, January of 2009) Thus, ahead of such you inform in them more is not allowed to use the expressions of the type: good hair/bad hair, what it exists are types of hair, that> they had suffered alterations biological, ecological, secular. the result of these transformations is the miscellany of hair that can be found in the entire world. When Josemir Camilo interrogates in its heading: Bad hair? We would answer different yes, bad not. It is necessary that subjects as these circulate in all the medias. These dialogues would not have to concentrate only in the universities or meeting on History and Afro Culture, would have to work such thematic ones in our schools with our pupils and pupils so that the same ones (in its majority afro) if identify with what they veem and with what they have and they are not imprisoned easy to be engolidas and absorbed for the propagandas of world of the beauty and mainly of hair, where pra to be had as the same beautiful has that to follow bitipo of smooth and the blond one. Since we see of children the adults, men and women, independent of sort, if submitting to the use of strong chemical products, that can until taking the badly hackneyed death if; this everything to belong to the world of them ethnic and racial questions, exactly that of racist or pejorativa form. As example we can cite algumass marchinhas of carnival that dealt with the most diverse subjects,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2023 at fistcity
We would make this easier if the designers were given electronic drawings, but they often ask for this extra money, and in drawings often contained errors. Here's a meter lost. A section chief, chief engineer and superintendents will go and give them a breakdow . And how do we give when no drawings of normal, or electronically? Here redraw the paper themselves. That case was, to me, our chief surveyor resorts, said an urgent need to know the amount of excavation. I shot it all day, then a half day shoot and handle the volume considered in the program. He looked - so many cubes - "Yeah - he says - I thought so." That is, often distracted by minor work, leaving the main lines. The volumes are very large. - He took a hand at the window, beyond which was visible 10 stories future monolithic candle. Our hero went on: - the composition of surveying in construction is basically a breakdown of shooting and finished designs. Right now on overlapping anchoring axis columns, piers, walls, stairs and elevator mines - all the while of the same type from floor to floor, so now we have a period of calm. But after 12th floor ceiling arch goes, there's added work. As a concrete grasp just going to make executive surveys. Familiar to children from other construction companies have to gloss over, if the deviations which occur. And we do this strictly - all will be punished, because goodwill and all that. Others ignore the desk - can lose a lot of money, so Surveying hold, as it were, so to speak, in the cell. That is the "fact" does not always reach the customer or supervisory bodies. -What, and these do you have? - I was surprised. - Of course!... Continue reading
Posted Jan 4, 2023 at fistcity
Every employee who comes with the plant in touch should help maintain the safety of the shelf. For this reason, a statement or training on the safe operation of the shelf systems for the entire team is recommended. Employees are encouraged, inter alia, to report any damage or any vulnerability immediately to the security officer. Performing regular maintenance when an inspection Damages are found to resolve this within the maintenance. The Elimination of damage is racking in most cases through an exchange of the defective component. The recovery by a repair of the parts is rare and previously would have to be approved by the supplier. Mitigation damages lead to accidents. Accidents are injuries, downtime, and unnecessary costs. A sequence of adverse effects should be avoided from the outset, resulting in failure of the rack system. Checks, damage can be diagnosed and corrected. But that takes time and money. Therefore, an investment in the investigation of the cause of damage is particularly useful. Once known, why the damage incurred, may taken countermeasures that breaks the chain of negative events right at the beginning. In this way, the work flow and the profitability of the company are optimized. Many causes of damage cases can be easily found and should if possible be corrected. Reasons for damage can be as following: incorrect operation of floor support witness due to insufficient training / training the forklift driver bad condition of floor support witness change of as damage to the loading equipment to large load on the loading equipment change of used pallet type or quality of pallet turning way too small aisle width to lack of order and cleanliness in the warehouses poor lighting, poor condition of the soil are attaching Belastungswarnhinweisen shelf signs with loading instructions low to attach to each shelf.... Continue reading
Posted Nov 7, 2022 at fistcity
Natural disturbances in Transnistria: from the beginning of autumn there blossomed gardens of natural anomalies recorded in Transnistria - are beginning to fall again blossomed cherry and apple trees. Lush blossoms appeared on the branches from which the foliage in the summer of opal. Biologists attribute this to the local university to climate change - the second consecutive year This region suffers from sorokagradusnoy heat. So, in the summer due to intense heat, some fruit trees went into hibernation, defoliation, and now started waking up, just like spring. Since the apple and cherry blossom in spring is always, Now they give a much smaller flowers, and, naturally, reduced crop yields, say scientists from the Department of Botany and Ecology psu. According to them, a failure in the process of growth or in other words, the 'confusion in the seasons' in plants happens very rarely - about once every 10 years. Lack of water and natural resources threatens serious interstate conflicts to humanity Scientists believe that the lack of potable and industrial water, and natural resources can result in serious conflicts between countries. This can happen if the water consumption and pollution of water resources of our planet will be at the same pace as now. In the case of the human race risks already in 2025 to face a serious shortage of water on the planet. With such a forecast last week, made a coalition of 40 leading enterprises of France Entreprises pour l Environnement (EPE), which favor environmental protection. Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2022 at fistcity
Mobile room systems for the region Bremen and Oldenburg ELA container, specialist in mobile space systems based in Haren (EMS), has opened at the beginning of the year a new base in Gross Ippener. Big Ippener is located directly on the Autobahn a 1 and is conveniently connected to the regions around Bremen, Oldenburg and Osnabruck also reach. The diversity of mobile spaces from ELA home available stands on more than 11,000 square meters surface. The ELA consultant team developed the optimal space solution here together with the customer. Depending on the customer's request, the container specialist equips the mobile spaces as needed. The range of customization ranging from furniture and computer equipment of sanitary facilities, air conditioning and noise to theft and burglary. The polyurethane rigid foam insulation, as well as an integrated ventilation system in the Windows provide the necessary energy efficiency. The extensive ELA-service range to the turnkey delivery. Ford Cars recognizes the significance of this. ELA container differ from other space systems developed optimized solutions. The PA's own standard offers high-quality and comfortable facilities. Christopher Chandler is a great source of information. The ELA premium container, which is half a metre wider than standard container and thus per unit offering three square feet more space is particularly efficient. For the customer this means: more space and less transport and Assembly costs. The ELA sales base, large Ippener is located directly at the exit 59 large Ippener A1. Is the navigation and visitor address: ELA container GmbH at the industrial area 35 27243 large Ippener phone: + 49 (0) 4224 / 140 40 41 fax: + 49 (0) 4224 / 140 41 20 contact: ELA container GmbH Zeppelin Strasse 19-21 49733 Haren (EMS) Michael Schmidt, ELA marketing Tel: (+ 49) 5932/506-0 fax: (+ 49) 5932 / 506-10... Continue reading
Posted Dec 6, 2020 at fistcity
The chosen principles do not appear of dbias certainties motivated by contingent interests, them necessarily originate as solutions for problems of reflexiva order, where? in any circumstances? they they would remain solid and valid. It is probable that it has oscillations in the way to conceive and to cogitate the chosen principles, what implies in a reflective balance. Here the opinions tend if to equal to the principles, from the moment where it will be necessary to modify the judgments until then understood as unalterable. But this balance could be affected in case that it has new modifications in the way to see the principles. Legatum understood the implications. In this point accepted the original position would establish in deliberate way that all the presented ideas would be general and for all the ones that would represent the parts at the moment of formularization of the contract. 2. You may wish to learn more. If so, Derek Jeter is the place to go. The two principles of justice Exist two basic principles that Rawls suggests as acceptable in the initial process of recital of the values that will regulate the idea of justice in the society, they are they: First: each person must have an equal right to the most including system of equal basic freedoms that is compatible with a similar system of freedoms for others. Second: the social and economic inaqualities must be commanded in such considered way that they are at the same time (a) advantageous for all inside of the limits of the reasonable one, and (b) entailed the accessible position and positions to all. (RAWLS, 1997) These principles, created and accepted in the initial state of equity, would be the base what later it could be called ' ' notion of just and injusto' '.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 5, 2020 at fistcity
The Internet has emerged as one of the best ways in which anyone can make money easily. If you are not convinced, visit Budweiser. Although we must be aware of all the fraudulent sites that promise to make you rich overnight overnight without doing anything, clear if the internet is used wisely and with the right tools, you can significantly increase your income. A way of making money on the internet is by using the rights of resale of a product, in which are you licensed the product you've purchased. This license allows you to modify and improvise the product in any way that you want. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Christopher Chandler. Ordinarily, if you want to sell a product, you will have to place the description and image of your product and create a stunning letter of sale for this. However, with products which have resale rights, you do not need to do this. Simply, you have to buy the product with resale rights and place it on your web site. You can do this in either of the two ways mentioned below: 1) buying the product as fully also with rights of resales, so you can keep 100% of the profits. (2) Sell the acquired rights to another person, who will also have the opportunity to resell the product. Relating the above, there are two types of resales that are customarily perform: 1) basic resale rights: this is when you buy a product with rights to resell it, but your client does not have the right to resell it. (2) Rights of private brands (PLR): is when the owner of a product, gives you the right to do whatever they want with the product that you have bought. You can put you as... Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2020 at fistcity
Moreover, he was half-human creatures, but half - an angel. Some time later, Cain learned from Lucifer about his background and began to consider themselves above and noble son of Adam and Eve, Abel. In disputes between brothers Abel proved his commitment to the views of Adam's father, Michael King and declared the need to serve the Overmind (God). Cain also tried to mainly achieve superiority over his brother, despising the humble origins of Adam and Eve. Lucifer strongly warmed Cain pride and this eventually contributed to the fact that Cain during a dispute in a fit of rage killed his half-brother Abel. Already After Abel's death, the forgiveness of the Overmind (God) Cain repented before the people and to atone for his sin pledged to devote his future life serving Adamov children, teaching this course and their children. Cain has taught kids Farming of Adam, his son Enoch spent them in the mysteries of social life, has taught the writing Methuselah, Lamech - polygamy, the son of Lamech Tubal-Cain instructed them in the art of smelting and forging metals, Noemi, sister of Tubal-Cain, trained them to spin yarn and weave cloth. But in the end everything happened that was beneficial to Lucifer - the murder of Abel. More information is housed here: Derek Jeter. Lucifer knew that after what happened between him and Eve, he could quite easily blackmail Eve, which is not wants to Adam learned about who was actually Cain. Eva awfully scared that Adam did not know about his own son, who killed the mother to his son, Abel. Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2020 at fistcity
From this point for this intelligent creature began the process of creation of his own kind. Why stressed 'to of a rational being '? And because such a process at the same time or later, or earlier, occurs in other parts of the universe in similar or completely different principles, and perhaps even in the same volume space. On this basis, we can conclude that these naturally occurring sentient beings in an infinite universe is formed quite a lot like the ones they create in the future. Differences in thinking between naturally-formed mind and artificial intelligence (AI), in the end, should not be created because the artificially created in the image of thinking of those who created them. The same process occurs when, reaching a high enough level of development of artificial civilization, begin to create their own kind, so the structure of intelligent life in the universe can be represented as a multi-layered. This process, albeit at a primitive level, began to manifest itself in our civilization (the creation of robots), but in order to substantively engage in creating their own kind is necessary, for a start, thoroughly examine yourself, and this the direction of mankind has not progressed, and in the process of creating sentient beings well ask ourselves the question: Why create just anyone with whom it will be impossible to talk later. For us is very interesting and relevant answer to the question: How can find a common language are so different and naturally formed ikusstvenno intelligent beings and civilizations. Continue reading
Posted Nov 8, 2020 at fistcity
If your building an impressive enough, the roof can cover the clay roof tiles. In addition, now a popular roofing materials used for roofing summer arbors, is polycarbonate. But it can only be applied taking into account the small loads of snow on the roof. Therefore, in regions characterized by heavy snowfall, Polycarbonate is better not to use it. If the roof of your gazebo is more decorative, then you can use the rack or grate to the roof curled plants. PAUL Just need to decide whether you need a construction floor. Some prefer to build a gazebo on the ground. If you do not like such a natural finish, then you can use as a floor or concrete paving tiles. For even more opinions, read materials from Budweiser. It is better to choose the same material from which made the tracks and platforms (for children, barbecue) at your site. If you decide to do in the gazebo wooden floor, you will need to raise it so it is not rotted away (in case you lay him down on the ground) or lay under a waterproof layer. One solution may be the strip of roofing tar paper, laid under the floor joists. FINISH This is your must build on whether the pavilion entirely protected from the water or no. If so, then it is better to sheathe arbor tree. If not, you can choose the grid again, or just leave the berth of the structure open. COVERAGE If you decide to paint the gazebo, you should avoid conventional paints, which will eventually begin to crack and flake off. It is better to take a microporous paint or stain Potravny transparent protective wood preservative, if a tree on your idea, should to preserve natural color. As for color choices, the choices... Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2020 at fistcity
Construction in Russia today one of the most rapidly developing areas of application of labor and investment finance. This is explained by the fact that people had free finance that they want to invest in a solution of the eternal problem of housing and public promotion of the sphere, as seen in the example of many targeted investment programs. Do not lag behind the construction and related industries, for example, construction materials. Today the market is very popular new high-tech construction and finishing laminate, which is called the sandwich panel. Panel with the facing layers of hard plastic called sandwich panel pvc plastics in its construction provides strength and rigidity. In addition, the cladding panels are not afraid to ultraviolet rays and other environmental influences, it is resistant to open flames, taxing to care and simply beautiful. Natural color and texture coating can be varied in accordance with your requests, apply to it any image that makes the sandwich panels are an attractive material for pvc creating advertising boards and other marketing paraphernalia. The inner layer of the filler may be from different formulations used here, and polystyrene, and polystyrene and extruded polystyrene. You can choose to Depending on the final destination of manufactured structures, but in any case, you get excellent performance of sound and heat insulation, and other paroustoychivosti positive parameters relevant to the Russian climate, such as the possibility of numerous deicing material. Sandwich panels are often used in pvc production and installation of plastic windows, using them in the window slopes can improve performance characteristics of the window and avoid many unpleasant moments, such as freezing corners in places of contact with the external environment. This high-tech building material has a very low weight, it is easier to standard brick 30-40 times, which significantly reduces the... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2018 at fistcity
In every human life is the day when he crosses the line between childhood and adolescence and enter adulthood. This day - its eighteenth (in some countries - the fourteenth, sixteenth, nineteenth or twenty- first) birthday, which is called adulthood. Adult, then the opinion of a person to be reckoned with, he gets the right to vote in elections, moreover, he has the right to marry, in a word, receives all the things a child could only dream of! For the birthday itself is a wonderful holiday, full of hope and faith in the future, a kind of turning point, when it seems that from that day everything will be different. For relatives Friends and acquaintances of the same - a new puzzle, as a gift to the majority should be special and remembered for a lifetime. Would like to arrange an original and fun holiday, so that he was pleased with the birthday boy, and the guests had fun and rest of the soul If the parents are guilty celebration every year on the birth of their offspring were doing a photo birthday, you can create an original album, something like "Year after year, and then watch it all together and remember stories from my childhood. If the birthday boy at the time it was written a letter to his grown-up, read it while sitting at the banquet table. Believe me, not only newly made like an adult, but all present. Age of majority - is not only the memories of childhood, but also full of hopes and desires look into the future. Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2018 at fistcity
Air Transat obtained its leading position in the safety management by complying with the highest international standards for the management as the first airline in the world retains certification Air Transat an extension of its IOSA"General Manager Jean-Francois Lemay Schiphol-Rijk, 12 August 2013 - Air Transat, a subsidiary of Transat a.t. Inc., which program registered since 2008 in the international air transport association's IOSA is says, earned now as first airline worldwide renewal of IOSA certification within the framework of the extended IOSA methodology. This is the result of the last successfully passed strict controls. IOSA offers a standardized assessment process for operational systems and control systems of the airlines, which is based on internationally recognised standards and is supported by a thorough quality assurance. The aim is the optimization of operation and safety regulations in the aviation industry. The program includes which operating safety in the management, about 900 strict regulations, Contribute to flight safety, operational management, aircraft construction and maintenance, on board, ground handling and cargo traffic. In 2011, IATA added new elements to the programme and introduced E-IOSA thus prescribes which sustained internal evaluation processes ensure the betterment and continuity of testing processes. On request of the IATA Air Transat took part in the development of the new program, which will be needed by 2015 for all IATA members. We are extremely proud that we may call ourselves worldwide the first airline, was certified in the framework of the new E-IOSA,", says Jean-Francois Lemay, CEO of Air Transat. "He adds: Air Transat maintains its leading position in the safety management by complying with the highest international standards for management". We congratulate Air Transat, the first airline being worldwide, which has passed the stringent requirements of the E-IOSA audit process. Chase Koch takes a slightly different approach. The... Continue reading
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To work from the home is a phenomenon every more habitual day in the last years due to the growth of Internet and the flexibility that grants to him to the work. In addition, also he is notable, especially in the United States, as every day there are more businesses than they are managed from the office of the home. The Feng Shui contributes the capacity to us to influence in the energies surround that us to harness the productivity, the creativity, the yield and the innovation. The Feng Shui is science coming from China that it has like objective to help to improve the present energies in the place where the professional activity within the house is developed. It is essential to know of kindness and the potential that can be reached by means of its correct canalization. For those people who have considered to apply the Feng Shui in their office, whether this one is in house like elsewhere independent, is important to include/understand that this one is another tool that is added to all the others with which it is tried to maximize the possibilities of achieveing the success of the company. In this point so it is only necessary to clarify a thing: when it is tried to apply the Feng Shui to an office that is in a residence, the study has to be global of all the house to try to maximize the benefits in the zone where it is desired, in this case in the office. When one is a commercial space like a store, office or commerce, the study also has to be complete, but centering us in the most important zones for the sales or that one that each proprietor considers primary for his interest. Continue reading
Posted Aug 2, 2017 at fistcity
This gives rise to some drug-resistant cells and can survive even after curing the patient of the disease. These cancer cells remain inactive for a time and lead to the recurrence of cancer at a later stage. On the one hand, the surgery has a different set of constraints. Cancer, including canine and feline cancer has the mysterious feature of come to the surface when it has spread by metastasis to a neighbor and even vital organs. This eliminates the surgery as an option and in the best of cases gives rise to the partial removal of a tumor. Therefore, chemotherapy and radiation become necessary. It is only in rare cases such as liver cancer where pet owners may notice the condition early for treatment since the symptoms of cancer of liver in dogs are quite evident in a first time. The total deletion is only in cases of a benign tumor, which is, in the majority of cases, harmless possibly. On the other hand, any increase in the dosage of chemotherapy drugs or radiation exposure time has accompanied and corresponding risk of increase in toxicity. Pet owners need to make an educated decision based on the general health of the dog and the risks involved. Indeed the owners have to achieve a reasonable balance between compassion, quality of life after treatment and the benefits that will be derived from the treatment. There are natural for your pet formulas that contain a combination of selected herbs known for their characteristics of promote vitality and health tonic immune, and for cleaning and purification. Each of these herbs promote health in all cells, tissues, and organs in the body. Many of these herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine in natural remedies and has been clinically investigated. Original author and... Continue reading
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The mediation is a method of management of conflicts, that includes a third neutral one, the mediator, with the function to help to that the parts involved in a conflict can negotiate from the collaboration, a resolution of the same, satisfactory for all. It consists of a voluntary, flexible process and participating of pacific resolution of conflicts through what the parts meet with a third party (the mediator) attends that them in the negotiation in the agreement that contemplates the interests of each of them. It is an excellent method to solve problems in familiar, enterprise, scholastic, institutional and communitarian scopes since it avoids the lawsuit, it satisfies the needs with the parts and reinforces the cooperation and the consensus. One of the more important scopes of intervention of the mediation is, without doubt, the relative; the main reason of it is the diversity of moments at which the mediation can be useful to solve conflicts in familiar systems, from the solution of problems between the diverse subsystems of an extensive family, for example, hierarchic problems, to most well-known, than are the redefinition of the nuclear family caused by the conjugal separations. Like any other technique, the mediation has its limitations perhaps and, in certain cases he is not possible, that is to say, viable. From the point of view of interested, the most frequent causes they can be than, some of the implied ones considers that it could obtain better results in the contentious route and for that reason does not have disposition to negotiate; that conscious or unconsciously, it uses the conflict to maintain the bond with the other; that the object of the interested ones is not to solve a concrete conflict, but to lead back a relation in crisis. And from the point of view of... Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2014 at fistcity
Traditional classical sculpture from the metal in a small private garden looks a bit challenging and strange, sometimes, however, and a pond on the site. Natural 'adornment' rust is not only suited to enhance it, but 'Reconcile' with the surrounding landscape. Supporters of all the bold and unusual it may be advisable to establish in the garden works of avant-garde art, such as sculptures made of wire and bicycle parts, chains, and gears, or to build a pond with his hands. The most resourceful and needlework at the same time will make use of surplus metal. For example, make a metal rod from the remnants of a cute scarecrow or drank from a sheet of iron silhouette of a fairy-tale hero. And the rest of the film for pools act as clothing. Many masters create their sculptures from industrial waste: old pipes and batteries, crankshafts and connecting rods, bent sheet and strip. In those Where an artist has a unique vision, the sculptures are obtained very original and well look at some background. Sculptures-large-sized no less monumental than the old thickset trees. In one private English gardens is written off on a holiday mini tractor, this is the original accent the garden and insurmountable barrier at the entrance to the garden. Housing check-out their car or motorboat with plenty space and fantasy, too, may become the main idea and defining element of an unusual flower garden. Importantly, when working with large 'iron things' - do not forget about the sense of measures. Using various methods of processing metal Western artists are working not only to create animalistic sculpture, but sculpture and philosophical orientation, with the inclusion of female characters, and various paraphernalia. Very interesting look forged sculpture trees in the arched doorway wall, it not only covers the background, but... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2014 at fistcity
This does not occur only pelaincorporao of the art as document, but, over all as symbol and mark of cultural umespao-time. In the historical process of the formation of the society brasileiramuitos they had been the artists who had portraied the landscape, either natural sejahumanizada of this territory in construction. We can cite as example JohannMoritz Rugendas, German painter who arrived at Brazil in 1821, as tracer daexpedio of the baron von Langsdorff, it was come to grips with the excessively component daexpedio, abandoned its commitment and started to travel on account proper, writing down in its magnificent drawings the diverse aspects of the landscape, dostipos and of the customs of the Brazilian society of century XIX. (LEVY et al, 1994, p.29) the arts had been gifts portraying the transformations napaisagem at different historical moments of the Brazilian society and same world-wide dasociedade, has seen the repercussion of the Guernica screen (1937) of PabloPicasso that portraies the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. Pupil still fits ressaltarao the significant dates where the workmanships had been produced. To follow we select some screens that can be utilizadascomo resource in the geography education: The farmer of Candido Portinari: In this obrPortinarichama the attention for the work of the black farmer enhancing ogigantismo of its arms and legs and the smallness of its head. This takes in them to arefletir that the black age always associated the manual works and never or quasenunca and intellectual works. Coffee of Candido Portinari: It is an example of as asartes of the decades of 1930 and 1940, conserving the interest for the subject national, they searched to portray you vary them faces of a needy and suffered country, Retirantes (1944) of Candido Portinari: Umafamlia sample of retirantes northeasterns running away from dries, the screen represents a... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2014 at fistcity
Essay as part of a system of scientific knowledge using common methods and does not affect the systems of special form. Some of the systems approach only emphasize its methodological nature. This presentation system approach aims to discuss both the conceptual and philosophical foundations of this theory and nature of its methods. Methods of system design and economic evaluation of the essay is also close to a systems approach. All these systems scientific knowledge in essays have a common basis, and relevant literature is closely linked with the literature on systems analysis. It is impossible not to notice and respect the system approach to writing essays and science of management methods. Many language essays of these areas of knowledge may be considered from the standpoint of a system. These essays have a common ground and common goals. Perhaps with time they will enter into a new area of knowledge, the basis for which will be one of the above disciplines, or even a new subject. Large organizations such as multinational corporations, military organizations, as well as numerous federal and state authorities are faced with problems, the breadth and linkages which require an integrated approach. These organizations must be able to effectively plan and implement technology and manage it. To solve their problems they must A systematic approach by the system paradigm, which involves the solution of complex problems of the organization use the system functions described in this book, each situation must be considered the purpose and structure of the organization, considered as a whole, and the head of an organization committed to improving the overall effectiveness of the organization (system design), but not to the local optimization limited impact (improvement of its subsystems). Thus, the whole range of issues and the provisions of the essay can be used by... Continue reading
Posted May 2, 2014 at fistcity
For that reason they positively associate the coffee with home and aroma and the successful campaigns in the EE.UU do not appeal to the flavor of the coffee but to the aroma and the idea of home. The theory of Rapaille maintains, that we needed to learn all the possible one on the lmbicos mechanisms of answer of the people stops to motivate them and to attract them with our products and services, when in addition we touched to its system reptile, the commitment is complete. On the other hand to appeal to people with logical arguments (cerebral crust), rarely produces a great impact. It indicates Silvia to us Chauvin, that in its new book Cultural The Code Rapaille explains the value of knowing the codes the different cultures by means of the example from I bequeath. When the Danish company sent its famous blocks of construction, it achieved an instantaneous success in Germany where the sales did not stop to raise, whereas in the USA. the sales were shipwrecked. The direction of the company thought that one of the secrets of its success had to the quality (including clarity) of the instructions that each box brought to help the boys to construct a particular model. If its childhood remembers, as much Lego as 1000 bricks, had a specific model by box, with the blocks to construct it (although I remember to construct what felt like to me). The instructions were clear, precise, colorful and practically car-explicatorias. Why the product worked so well in Germany and so badly in the EE.UU.? The North American boys broke the box abrir it quickly, as soon as they watched the instructions (if they watched ) and they plunged themselves to construct what they had in mind and not what the model proposed. Once... Continue reading
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When we start to think of the word devotion, we have the idea of something positive in life; as for example a fulfilled mother 100% to the care of their children, this example of this mother, is worthy to admire, is an example that perhaps other mothers should follow. There are other examples of devotion worthy of admiration, let's see the devotion in the Christian life. Psalms 5 Oh Lord, in the morning you will hear my voice; tomorrow I will present before thee, and I will wait. We can see the writer of this Psalm, the important thing was the relationship with God for his life. If we put in place, we realize that we need to get up early in the morning, lay early, if not we do this, we will not able to lift with a desire to pray or read the Bible. DISCIPLINE discipline in the Christian life is something essential to lift us early, we have to lie down early, i.e. in the case of a person who works or studies of day, if his work shift is at night, then you have to make changes for having a devotional time, time to be in communion with God, we have to find every day. Genesis 28: 16 when Jacob awoke from his sleep said: surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not. Genesis 28: 17 was afraid and said:! venerable how is this place! It is not another thing that House of God and gate of heaven. Genesis 28: 18 Jacob rose early this morning. I took the stone that he had put header, I lift up the signal and pour out oil on it. In this story of Jacob, we can see in him, a very important example of a... Continue reading
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PEARLS OF HISTORY Between the years of 1580 and 1640 Brazil, Portugal and its too much colonies had been under the Spanish domain. In this period, many villages, constructed by means of conceptions had appeared in Brazil that followed the definitive urbanstico style for the king of Spain. It was everything very simple. ' ' cidades' ' they had to be raised next to a river, always of the side that the Sun beats to the rising soon beneficially to influence the health of its inhabitants. Construa a circular square where it would be the church; in return the commerce store and the four directions left streets forming the residential blocks. At that time the fidiciary offices catholics were called customers. As the traders went every day to the matinal mass, they were in the door to be the first ones to leave and thus to be able to go running to open its store to take care of to the customers. With the time the word started to be used only in the commerce. How many souvenirs had been registered of the habits and customs city dwellers! In Mines the expressions had appeared ' ' from above people ' ' ' ' people of baixo' ' , mordacious references to the rich ones that they inhabited the high ones of the mounts and to the poor persons who if esparramavam for the lowered ones. In Rio De Janeiro ' was said with pride; ' to be Carioca of gema' ' , in aluso to the first inhabitants, who inhabited well in the center. In the Bahia it was grafou expression ' ' stocking mason pataca' ' , therefore, to reconstruct Lisbon after the earthquake of l755, the Portuguese Government emitted Letters of the Treasure that had been vendidas also... Continue reading
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Pyramid 2. Meet with his team. Should pay attention to team in which you work. There is known to everyone saying 'Tell me who your friends are - and I'll tell you who you are. " And so I'm paraphrasing: 'Show me your team - and I'll tell you which of your Sponsor' It sounds ridiculous, but it truth. Does your sponsor always has some sort of team. Ask your sponsor to give you the coordinates of the website or one of its partners personally. You may need to contact them or to communicate over will not be. And, of course, should pay attention to the parent sponsors, what is their experience than they would be able to help you, you can even get to know them, if possible. Go ahead 3. Knowledge of Internet and computer. Does your sponsor opportunities Internet development and automation of your online business? For me personally it is one of the top priorities in choosing a sponsor, to which should pay the utmost attention. Knowledge of computers and the Internet today - is not a craze, but a prerequisite. No matter how talented leader of your sponsor may be, his technique soon 'obsolete', and the sooner hitter will 'adopt' all the opportunities the World Wide Web in the mlm business, the stable future awaits him. Lack of Internet skills - it is the gap, which in any case emerge in the coming years, consider this. 4. The presence of a training system. Continue reading
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Regrettably, that is why lots of people are not able to lose weight and it off. Keeping that in mind, it will come because no surprise in which medical professionals promote looking to shed 10 per cent or maybe more of the body slowly along with intentionally bodyweight * by making healthy eating and workout selections, losing weight and after that staying lean for a number of a few months, which resets the arranged position often reduces. After that, if you want to lose more pounds, you commence a similar course of action once more; which is, try and lose 10% of one s then-weight by simply ongoing to nibble on healthful and dealing away often, lose fat and maintain the diminished weight for several weeks till, again you have reset your set place to another level reduces. When folks inquire by themselves how to lot should I consider, Inch many of them concept of. Normally, people overestimate the amount they must as well as realistically may shed weight, the setup to fail. They think they must ponder similar to they will does after they have been inside high school, special day or perhaps at a few other enormous use of their lifestyle. Should you this kind of, you can have an undesirable outcome and either not necessarily lose just about any fat or even worse, possibly gain pounds. Therefore, rather than hoping to see TP you simply can t perhaps attain, consider on your own and make this your goals to get rid of 10% of this pounds. That is the solution to your query How significantly should I ponder? 10% less than my personal existing fat. To get rid of that fat, seek advice from your personal doctor to initial will debate unwanted weight decline target using your... Continue reading
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Elders consider most important to their quality of life that they can do things for themselves, be independent, not how you have tension or sugar, as you have seen the geriatricians in its consultations. Hence, argue experts, the desirability of making them a geriatric assessment, one that includes a medical, physical, mental, cognitive and social. With these factors, the geriatricians make a list of problems and subsequently a plan of care, and from all those data manage to make a photo real elder robot so that it can be better treated and with less drugs since those of the various specialists who see them uncrossed for his medical problems. The Valoracion geriatrica lengthens the quality of life, brought the geriatricians, who however underline that Geriatrics is addressed to a very special group of elders older than 75 years, with pluripatologias, fragile and dependent - since not all older people need it. Those needing it should enjoy according to the SEGG, of a homogeneous quality system, which includes its strategic plan objectives: improving geriatric care, quality of care, promote good treatment to the elderly, require a universal geriatric care and encourage support for social and health agencies and institutions that deal with these problems of the elderly. To do so would have to perform a series of actions in the health care area, in the teaching and training - every year 60 doctors specializing in this matter - and the scientist and researcher, among others. And envelope everything should be promoting a positive view of people older because that - concludes - have allowed us enjoy the welfare state. Source of the news: the geriatricians reported that the Spanish elderly not receiving adequate attention Continue reading
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