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I'm a converted Everton supporter that used to be a Man City supporter. City USED to be the kind of club that Everton currently is...then the circus started. Everton does their business and their football the right way. You have to respect it.
I won't ever get tired of watching Heather Soltis talk to me like that.
We should all know by now that "______ is not for sale" means nothing. That's just one of many tactics clubs use to get the best possible bid for a player. At this point it would be kinda awkward if Dempsey stayed at Fulham. He's made it obvious he doesn't really want to play there anymore.
There's no way he won't at least be linked to a few MLS sides. He's exactly the kind of player American clubs lust after- a fading star that still has name recognition.
I'm a huge Barca and Messi fan, and I absolutely loathe Ronaldo, but I have to sympathize with him just a little. He gets compared to Messi every day everywhere he goes. That must get old and I don't blame him for being sick of it.
I'm not saying Landon's national team days are over, but I feel like maybe he needs a sabbatical from national duty. His head just isn't right. I'd like to see Torres in the midfield with Bradley and Jones. How is it that we all can see that the midfield needs more creativity, but Klinsmann can't? I'd also like to see Adu called in for the next round of qualifiers. He always seems to step up his game and make a difference when playing for the U.S.
Screwed by a bad call in Central America...imagine that. Should've been an advantage and Altidore scores all day.
He likes the fire? Who told him he was in Chicago?
Heather just made my pants a little tighter.
He obviously heard Winter wasn't working out in Toronto and wanted to be first in line for the open position.
Two different people on these comments typed "new" when they meant "knew".......WOW.
I'd erect one for Dempsey any day.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2012 on Red-hot Dempsey scores again at Soccer By Ives
^Comment winner^
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2011 on VfB Stuttgart eyeing Chandler at Soccer By Ives
Yes yes Donovan good, Marquez bad. About Van Persie, Watching the game yesterday I immediately thought that celebration was odd and no doubt looked like a Nazi salute. I believe him when he says that's not what it was, but why the hell would he even do that? If it's not a Nazi salute then it's just a ridiculous celebration. Come up with something else, Adolf.
Best video I've seen on SBI. Ever.
I still remember his performance against Spain in the Confederations Cup. It doesn't matter how old he is if he can get back to that level he deserves to be back with the nat'l team. I have a college mate from Lisbon who grew up supporting Sporting, and according to him Gooch has shown well so far.
Sometimes it annoys that we as Americans feel the need to imitate the British way of talking about the "footy," but when 95% of reports and stories we read are from the British press, it becomes almost natural for us to provide our own commentary in the same way. The only one that still irritates me is when I hear corn-fed, hot dog eating Americans use the term "gutted"--as in "Wayne Rooney surely must be 'gutted' about his unfortunate Shrek-like appearance." No American uses the word gutted in that way. There is nothing wrong with our uniquely American slang. We don't need to imitate Europeans just because soccer is "their" game. And also, what's so wrong with calling it soccer? The Italians call it Calcio and I don't hear anyone getting on their case about that.
Dempsey is the closest I've ever come to a man crush, but his wife ain't shabby. I'm jealous of both of them.
I've never thought Brek Shea was all that great, but he definitely proved me wrong tonight. I hope he continues to improve. Torres did much better when he moved to the middle and I still believe he can become the new Claudio Reyna. I can't wait to see what our midfield is going to look like when Dempsey, Donovan, Holden, and Torres can play together(hopefully). I think Adu could've added something special to the game tonight as well.
Norwegian and Danish are very similar to each other, so he probably does well with Danish. But also most Scandinavians speak English pretty well too. I'm sure communicating with his teammates is not a problem.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2011 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
This is a good move for Spector. He'll get plenty of minutes because of his versatility. The championship is a good league where he can continue to develop and gain confidence.
Don't forget 6:00am water aerobics on Mon/Wed/Fri.
Toggle Commented Jul 13, 2011 on Red Bulls sign GK Rost to DP deal at Soccer By Ives
Looking forward to seeing Clichy in a City shirt. Definitely not looking forward to seeing Tevez without a City shirt.
Gervinho is a great player, but every time I see him all I can think is, "Dude, please just shave your head!" Dreads with a massive receding hair line makes him look like a clown. Spurs should sell Modric, buy Scott Parker, and have some cash left over to get a class striker.
Has anyone else noticed that Rosana looks exactly like Ronaldinho? I feel so sorry for her.