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Jason Powell
Jason Powell is the Director of Information Technology at Granger Community Church ( where he, a Sys Admin, and a small team of volunteers manage a network of over 200 computers and 40+ servers. Geeks for Jesus! :-)
Interests: gadgets, computers, auto racing, church, IT, autocrossing, Technology
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We just wrapped up the 2015 National Church IT Roundtable ... and with that announced the location and dates for our 2016 event! Add this to your calendar NOW! The biggest gathering of church IT and web/dev peeps will be... Continue reading
My buddy, Nick Nicholaou, announced last Friday, at the Church IT Roundtable, that Microsoft had changed their anti-discrimination policy language. And it's a GREAT change for religious organizations! Essentially, their policy used to say, to be eligible for non-profit/charity pricing,... Continue reading
Wow ... I've not posted to this blog since last fall? Anyways ... our big National Fall Church IT conference is about here! Still time to register to join 300 of your church IT and web peers to talk tips,... Continue reading
What's the best way to learn IT & WebDev best practices as it relates to the Church/Ministry space? Attend the National Church IT Roundtable this October in Peoria, IL! Join 250+ Church staff and volunteers from across the country this... Continue reading
This is a continuation of a blog series I started back on April 2013. You may want to start reading there if you're new to this blog series. Part 1 Part 6 ... Mac Repairs and Extended AppleCare This week... Continue reading
This is a continuation of a blog series I started back on April 2013. You may want to start reading there if you're new to this blog series. Part 1 Part 5 - Mac Hardware and Software Wow, it's hard... Continue reading
Here in part 4 I'll talk about our initial test phase and staff rollout. One of our big unknowns surrounded staff wanting to switch from Windows to Mac ... many having never touched a mac prior. What kind of intial... Continue reading
Yeah - I think it's a bit misleading to say it's donated software then you find out you have to pay an admin fee to TechSoup. So I'm just going to call it a purchase since that's what it actually is :-)
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Continuing from my prior post about the huge TechSoup Microsoft announcement for Churches ... Here are a few nuggets that I've found helpful to note. Mainly I'm putting them here on my blog so I can refer back to them... Continue reading
Time is flying! In just 4 weeks the Fall 2013 National Church IT Roundtable will kickoff at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS! Have you registered yet? Dude, it's only $75 and that includes your all your meals from... Continue reading
Before joining the Church IT ranks 10 years ago, I was the IT Director for a large school system for four years. In that time, I became very familiar with from chatting with my EDU IT peers. TechSoup offered... Continue reading
Continuing from Part 1 and Part 2 ... Well, this is really a continuation from part1 since part 2 went in a different direction than I planned :-) To quickly refresh ... Part1 was the proposal I made to my... Continue reading
Eric, Funny timing. I've been doing some research on loading win7 onto an air :-) Hate to give up drive space though to do the bootcamp dual boot.
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Continuing from Part 1 ... One of the questions that arose from the Part 1 post was how we arrived at the $2100 figure. It actually ended up being $2300. This amount would cover the purchase of a 15" macbook... Continue reading
Towards macs? Not at all! I had one one prior to our transition. What I dislike, and still do, are the mac zealots that treat it as a religion vs a computing platform. Those are the people I want to smack around ... especially anytime I get kernal panics, endless spinning beachballs, etc
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Hard to believe it's been 2 years since the below email was written which put into motion perhaps the most significant IT transition at GCC to date. Up to this point, TechOps didn't officially support macs. Sure we'd help the... Continue reading
2013 SCHEDULE Unveiled! In efforts to move our big National event from Spring to Fall (get away from Easter and Spring break and unpleasant weather in Northern States) we’re having 2 National events next year! National Spring 2013 event >>... Continue reading
[edit 11/17/12 - removed https and link seems to work more reliably] Microsoft has moved their charity / non-profit price list from it's prior location. Took me a little digging, but here's the new URL for those intereted: As... Continue reading
Unlike our National Spring events where everyone meets in one location, in the fall we do regional events at multiple locations across the country to keep travel costs low as possible. Regional event registration is just $35.00! Where are the... Continue reading
Do most staff simply delete the IT emails you send out? Certainly your emails are important or you'd not be sending them out right? Perhaps you just need to make them a little more entertaining...something people look forward to because... Continue reading
If you missed the news, we unveiled our new Church IT community platform at the recent Church IT Roundtable in Dallas. This is now THE online hub for connecting with your church IT peers. Ask questions, join in discussions, post... Continue reading
Like most geeks I was eager to see what the "real" final price of "The New iPad" announced yesterday would be after you added all the various options and such. As I clicked through said options in the apple store... Continue reading
Every 2 years or so Granger Community Church takes a weekend to celebrate and recognize some of our outstanding volunteers. Men and women who get the mission, vision, and values of GCC and over the years have made a ginormous... Continue reading
Hard to believe it's been over a year since our last contest. Regardless, it’s time for installment #7 of our Church Techies Biggest Loser contest! Here are our guidelines/rules based off our prior BL1 , BL2 , BL3 , BL4,... Continue reading