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God, there's nothing more boring than CEO quotes that were obviously fabricated by some junior PR hack and vetted through 12 layers of management. Step it up, Nulman.
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Fran, I gotta mostly disagree on this one. There are likely a couple of people I would do it for (Danny Michel, are you listening?) but I feel that for us, the fact that an artist gets dinner, a bed, breakfast, and every penny from CDs and audience donations, combined with our pretty solid track record on crowds, should be enough. We did a guarantee for a very early show and being naive agreed to a $500 guarantee. IT was in the winter, and although we didn't have to pony up the dough, it was scary enough to make me swear off. I commit my house, my kitchen, and a lot of spare time to providing a place where the artist gets it all. I feel like that's as much as I can do, and if it means artist x or y won't play, I am pretty cool with that.
I don't have a lot of affection for my old school (the school), but a HUGE amount of love for that song. I betcha if you gave me a baritone sax right now I could ace that part, I spent so much time playing along with it back in my teenage years. Now, if only I could play the guitar parts...
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