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Hey John, Have you looked at Mike Ruppert's Collapsenet? ( He is rolling out a new feature called the Hub, that will serve as a social network for his "Lifeboat Builders" - any thoughts on its potential to grow into something resilient?
I think Erik above has a point on the limits this can be taken. However, this looks like a very interesting concept to mate with the idea of new "tribes" where "membership has its privileges" and this type of thing is used as a way to recruit select individuals who see the benefits available to those who are "in."
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Strident? Hell, you are fairly relaxed considering the storm coming our way.
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@Parker: I spoke far too broadly, got a bit carried away. The facts from Alcohol Prohibition seem to state that there will be a huge hit to income. The higher-ups who have already made massive amounts of wealth might like it because they can enter the legitimate realm. The lower level guys, the ones running the plazas, the mule networks, etc. would hate it, I am sure. One wildcard is the big banks - they can (and do: make a lot of coin off laundering drug money by being able to charge a few more basis points to questionable or shady "investors" and in a time where bank reserves are under pressure they may not like to see that go away. As shown in the TARP "debate" in the US, bankers have a lot of pull. This will be fascinating to watch it play out.
Possible advantages include: 1. Using this as a test run to see if Mexico can decriminalize without serious blowback and test the waters for future outright legalization. 2. Move to legalizing portions of the drug trade as an avenue to generating significant revenue. Gotta replace the massive decline in income from PEMEX as Cantarell dies. 3. If I am a narco, I am loving this. I get some of my politicians to float this idea and if it can stick, I now have an exit strategy other than a bullet or bomb blast - if I and my narco buddies can steer this process through our guns and money, we can get some form of legalization in place that allows us to enter the realm of legitimate business and come out of the cold to some extent and not fear arrest at all turns. 4. Stick it to El Norte. If Americans want their drugs in massive quantities, give them a place to come take them. While they are in Mexico taking those drugs, sell them food, shelter, hookers, t-shirts and whatever else I can offload onto these silly dopeheads. Laugh all the way to the bank when talking heads from the U.S. denounce Mexicans for allowing people the freedom to ingest chemicals. Laugh harder when those same talking heads have their tee vee shows sponsored by Viagra, Cialis, Prozac, et al. 5. Allows the State to begin drawing lines in the sand in their war against the narcos. Basically says hey, grow your own, but don't challenge the State. Maybe it helps give some leverage and allows for eventual deals with poor farmers who now side with the narcos. This is iffy, but it can't hurt.
@Ken: "No State shall ...make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts... You are spot-on, but since the federales have finagled their way around this one by "defining" the dollar as something that equates to gold, then not allowing exchange of dollars to gold, one might expect California to do the same scam. Going to be very interesting to watch all the unintended consequences boil up over this.
Okah may wind up with one of these Get Out of Jail Free Cards:
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