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It is a shame to realize that an article on ICT has taken you guys to Southern Cameroon, SW -NW. It's unbelievable how you guys think, don' t take your frustration into a reasonable forum meant for people with a higher brain. You have been given a brain, develop and use it to serve your country. Merry Christmas to You.
Simplice as an ID is as irrelevant as the name Paul Biya is to the Cameroonian people. John Maxwell and pilots will agree with me that the attitude of a plane is so important when in flight and so is the attitude of a people. The mouth that curses, glorifies the Lord. The brain which is not used properly will cause the entire body enormous pain. Could we put our brains to work and become planners and not just wingers. Help your country. I can understand where people like those commenting my bloc, are coming from but what I can’t understand is people who sit on their brains and when they pass out s*****t they pass out their brains. Those same people are amongst those who advised the SDF not to enter parliament in 92.
We should not digress from the issue in question. We all know that Paul and his hand clappers have nothing to offer the Cameroonian people. The people in Nfoundi spoke by taking their frustration to the streets of Yoaunde and those who claim to be elites should listen to the people. They cannot claim to be representative of the people when there is no dialogue between the two, even Paul’s brothers will tell you that life is not that easy as the cult obsessed fellow does not understand that he is human. CAMEROONIANS FROM N, S, W AND EAST ARE IN PAINS. As for the construction of roads, I think it is a plausible drive to make Cameroon a power house in the sub-region and a move to create the necessary infrastructure which is required to pull Africa out of poverty. African economies lack the infrastructure necessary to absorb foreign, local and regional investment. God is not going to deliver help through DHL, so we have to take the initiative to liberate the continent. Nigeria with her wealth and population would have been one of our most important trading partner. The nature of the Limbe port would have made it an ideal destination for a port City. Why has Paul’s regime violated the very basics of economics and management? We should address the question to those financing such projects and not to some lazy people who are aiming at the money to facilitate the change in article 6.2. When are Africans ever going to get pass the completion stage of SAP, then you will know that America has joined the team. They plan to get 25% of their oil consumption from the region so it is just but normal that Chad is treated with respect Lets all pray for God’s blessing because that country is going to burn and there are going to be no winners.