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To everyone saying that VRChat is somehow more expensive because of needing better hardware... you do know it runs in Desktop mode, right? It may have VR in the name, but it's optional, and the requirements for it are about on par with Second Life's. I can confirm a Dell laptop from 2013 can run it about as much as it can SL, so cut it out with the "VR Tax" chanting because... there isn't anyway. To people saying the prices should be lowered, let me explain something that clearly the SL people forgot: You are selling the actual art resources. This includes the models, textures, and templates in most cases, which are required for upload. Second Life content usually involves things being where you get a digital copy of a resource only usable on the platform, and as such the prices are lowered to reflect that.
Wow, uh... some of this is a bit misleading, so let me fill in the gaps: Improving performance on desktop for PC and Mac is in reference to the client itself, in where any improvements affect both VR and standard desktop mode. At this time, there are now 4 flavors: Desktop (HMD and 2D mode), Android/Day Dream, Oculus Quest, and Vive Focus. It's been heavily requested to improve performance on the Desktop app (which powers both 2D and VR modes) as it doesn't result in a smooth experience no matter how you try it. On top of the approaching mobile devices, most worlds aren't ready to cater to them due to lack of LOD controls. In addition, Philip does mention improving the overall experience when in 2D mode, like the reintroduction of facial tracking (you can hear me stating "Called it" in the video, as I have been pushing for overall improvements to the user experience, especially to desktop mode since that's considered the baseline experience). I do think this is the step in the right direction to help give enticement for people to stick around, as with any social experience, VR or otherwise. And as mentioned before, High Fidelity's reputation wasn't helping itself either. The fact that some people have had no idea they can log in without a VR headset illustrates a major issue: failure to communicate that it does work fine without an HMD. This is just a single example out of many where things aren't communicated as well, and honestly that heavily lead to the downfall in the video. Overall, the conclusion is spot on and can be backed up by many posts on Reddit and just the community in general: people who have gone to VRChat enjoyed their experiences so much, they wanted to enhance it further. People who didn't have an HMD got one to run around with their friends. People who already had an HMD often also got the trackers to enhance their experiences further. If your presentation is strong and is backed by good experiences, people will often want to make them better (dare I talk about people who deck our their areas for Elite Dangerous, Flight Simulator, and the varying driving simulators?).
The thing is that on Second Life, I've had no issues lowering my complexity costs by reducing texture sizes and finding better clothing/hair that looked about the same but was made better. It's not complicated but then again, I have experience with that. On High Fidelity, optimization falls under not just the number of polygons, but also download size as well, since most custom avatars are self-hosted, so bandwidth is a factor, in addition to the others (drawcalls, texture memory cost, etc.). This was brought up a few times as well regarding polycount on avatars, but the key difference between Hifi and SL at this time is the engine on Hifi is just better, so while there is a performance dip, it's hard to notice. That being said, the community is heavily pushing for optimization as early as possible to avoid the catastrophe that is going on on SL.
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Dec 7, 2018