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Should be worth noting that there was ZERO promotion on ESPN. None. ...because of course this wasn't scheduled to be an ESPN/ABC race to begin with. So they didn't bother. Also there were TWICE the viewers watching a Mid Ohio race than previous years (Versus era). So we've got that going for us. Which is nice.
"Robin Miller says the Lotus is SEVEN miles per hour slower on the straights than Chevy & Honda. If the same power deficit carries over to Indy (the first oval), Loti will be lapped by Lap 5" Lower boost levels (roughly 575 HP) at the ovals/Indy means that 7 MPH number will be like 3-4ish, maybe. That is, if it can make it to top speed before blowing up. Handling is going to be the key to the new car this year. Everybody will be SLOW. "Race control gives Simona a drive through penalty for blocking. Insert Simona calling European teams to see if they have openings for 2013 here." Entergy contract up after 2013 but tied to her, NOT the team. They'll most likely tell HVM/Keith Wiggins to shove it at years end and take her to (insert multi-car team name HERE). If I were Entergy I'm calling lawyers shortly before May. Foyt usually has a spare car for Bump Day... "@SarahFisher Tweets: 'Politics. Love it.' I assume this refers to the no call on Newgarden's crash." Dario has diplomatic immunity AND YOU WILL LIKE IT, SARAH. NO ONE DENIES THIS.
Rahal win = 2008 St. Pete
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Mar 25, 2012