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What cute finds always seem to turn up at Red Lead!! Thanks and keep on doing what you do ;).
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I am not sure if you have to commment on the current giveaway post or the one that comes up when you click on the Permalink button, so am commenting here too. Red Lead is in my top three online art shops that I am just wild about. I have bought on it several times and would buy more if I had not become unemployed during this tought time that many are having right now. I am always inspired to create and think outside the box when I get your newsletter in my box or visit you blog. Thanks for doing want u do : ).
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2011 on Leave a Comment! at Red Lead Shop
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What a delight it would be to win this giveaway!! I just love Valentine's Day and for several reasons: As a child I remember begging & pleading w/ my Mom for a kit, then later my oldest nephew who will be 31 this year was born on this day. For the past several years, I have left my Christmas tree up until after Valentine's Day and have taken off the Xmas decorations, leaving behind only snowflakes, snow people, and glittery words and hearts. Thanks for this opportunity to win some love. I haven’t had a sweetheart for a while, but what sweet tokens of love these would be ;).
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I just want to say that I have nothing but love for Red Lead. I have purchased several items from you 2 over the years, but since I've been unemployed for the last 2 years, I have not been able to buy much. However, I never fail to be inspired by the information and artwork I see when I open my emails from you and check out you blog. Thank you for all you do. Lancia Lee
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Jun 12, 2010