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Trying to decide whether I'm up to crossing the Skyway...
I love the community I feel when I read your posts, that surviving motherhood doesn't mean I have to pack away my art until my daughter is 16 and wants nothing to do with me. I love my family, I love my scrapbooking friends, I love noise cancelling headphones when my daughter is practicing the recorder, I love sharing my life and my dreams with others and helping them achieve theirs
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OOOO tough one, I'd say Tim Holtz, but I have a picture with him (changing my facebook profile picture to that one caused some worried calls from my family, wondering who this man was, lol). Felicia Day (from "The Guild") for non-scrappy celebs. For scrapbook gods.....definitely Heidi Swapp and Ali Edwards are a complete tie! Sorry so wishy washy, the more I write the more scrap-lebrities I can think of like Nancy Nally (love her commentary), Donna Salazar, The Scrappy Jedi, Vinnie Pearce, Jenni Bowlin and the list goes on and on and on.....
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I am grateful to read your post, I am with shellfish like Harper is with nuts--being on the other side of the epipen I appreciate the way you are handling it, it's how I hope I can be if my daughter ever faces an issue like this. So many days I wish I could wrap her in bubble wrap and shelter her from any possible harm, but that wouldn't be doing her any favors--she has to live in this world, she has to negotiate it's dangers (in tiny steps) because she cannot live and thrive in bubblewrap.
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Hi Stephanie, I don't recall how I found you--but I am grateful I did. I connect with so much in your posts--hugs Jenn
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Oct 15, 2010