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The scary thing that occurs to me considering the digital literacy of Narces Benoit vs. the Miami Beach cops, is that if the cop had been digitally literate, he would have simply checked the phone for the sd card, and may have frisked it off Narces had he been smart enough. In which case Narces may have had the smarts to switch the cards out with another, we would hope. (note to self: always carry extra sd card in case of witnessing policy brutality) Anyway, my feeling is that we can do something about improving digital literacy. There is not silver bullet solution, no more than there is for any other social problem. Part of the solution in my mind, is having community technology centres and supporting these spaces with other resources. So I am starting to work on mapping community technology resources in New Zealand. I'm working on this here: Would appreciate any feedback.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2011 on #NetHui and Digital Literacy at A Networked World
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Jul 6, 2011