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Its interesting you say in your discussions people only mentioned LKB1's metabolic roles. Maybe its just my bias but if you'd asked me I'd say its a signaling protein (but then again I think signaling is the center of the universe :)) And nobody mentioned its role in regulating cell polarity either? Its such an important protein in suppressing ell growth that everyone who has tried to restore expression into cells that have silenced LKB1 cannot maintain the reconstituted cells for very long....I learned this the hard way. BTW metformin has been studied in several other tumor types as well. There is quite a bit of literature on its use in breast cancer. Also ovarian cancer - and this paper showed that metformin had both AMPK-dependent and AMPK-independent mechanisms of action. Pretty interesting...I bet it'd also work on pancreatic cancer which is also driven by elevated IGF1 signaling. And BTW...that figure is missing a very important player in the pathway (TSC2!). I automatically disapprove of any mTOR signaling pathway diagrams that miss this critical regulator ;)
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on LKB1 is a master kinase in cancer at Onco Chat
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Sep 3, 2010