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I guess that safety book on violence in disasters may come in handy after all.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2011 on Would Obviously Do It All Over Again at LMNOP
To this day, Hocus Pocus is the only time I've ever found Sarah Jessica Parker attractive. I never thought she was that pretty on Mr. Ed.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2011 on Fashion Is Cyclical at LMNOP
The URL for this post is ridiculous. I mean, just look at it:
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2011 on One Down, 14 to Go at LMNOP
That 30 Rock list is all wrong. Nancy and, especially, Dennis should be near the bottom. He's the worst. Jack or Dr. Spaceman should be first, not Tina Fey. Good find regardless. Just so wrong. UGH. LMNOP is the WORST BLOG EVAR!
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Jan 15, 2011