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Somewhere on Planet Earth
I believe like Winston Churchill that one should never, ever give up; that it is possible to make a difference, one person at a time.
Interests: environment, government and law and the concerns and welfare of whistleblowers, leadership or lack thereof.
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Mar 15, 2010
Thank you for your comment, Brendan. It is amazing to me in some ways that we even have to deal with this kind of contractor corruption and stupidity that you and Ms. Sparky and her readers have described. On the other hand, given the environment of greed and corruption in federal contracting that has progressively increased during the past decade, it could be expected. Besides noting the attendant problems that occur when people are not adequately trained for their particular job assignments, I encourage everyone to do the following: Contact all of your elected politicians and support further improvements to protections for whistleblowers who are federal or private contractor employees. The people who have been standing up the crap and corruption have been absolutely targeted by the corrupted ones for doing so. Ethical and responsible employees should not be punished and persecuted to doing the right thing. Contact all of your elected politicians and demand that real "change" in the form of cleaning up federal agencies from the very top on down to eliminate industry influence and control that is currently damaging the ability of oversight employees in the field from doing their jobs as they wish to do them - ethically. Contact all of your elected politicians and demand that real "change" in the form of cleaning up industry, particularly defense contractors, be initiated immediately. Contractors, including large corporations who have government contracts, should not feel and behave as though they are in the driver's seat. Through lobbying, bribes and other less than ethical manipulations, such as packing government advisory committees, work groups, congressional and other political influence groups, contractors have developed an unacceptable attitude of arrogance. These contractors do not believe they have to follow even the federal laws and requirements we do have about continuing to keep their federal contracts and the huge sums of money they are paid for that contracted work. Field oversight people who have been trying to do their jobs are hard pressed to successfully do so, with people higher in the management chain, who are corrupted, actively undermining them. Also, careers are being destroyed on a regular basis for many federal oversight employees (and defense contractor employees) who do not just shut up and rubber stamp inspections and allow the corrupted ones to continue on corruptly. There are certain large defense contractors that few, on their own without a lot of public pressure, will stand up to take on. Please help pressure your elected officials, particularly those you believe may be less compromised and indebted to the defense contractors, (those without large and frequent campaign contributions from defense contractors), to help clean out the thoroughly corrupted ones by holding them accountable, and forcing defense contractors to follow the rules and meet the expectations that go along with their receipt of billions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars for these contracts. -GFS