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I love the fireworks & the day off! Thanks for the giveaway!
My ideal mother's day is to lounge around in bed with a breakfast (that I didn't have to cook) of chocolate chip pancakes and coffee, read my newspaper and a book in peace while everyone else cleans the house until it sparkles. Then a picnic lunch in the park, followed by a long hike, a trip to the garden center to buy flowers, and then maybe a movie & dinner that the kids will like, too (because I'd be feeling benevolent after all the pampering). Last, I could finish the day with a bubble bath & a glass (or several) of wine, a massage, & some grown-up time. Ahh. Sounds lovely. I'll probably spend the day doing laundry and cleaning up after everyone else as usual.
I'm not a regular commenter, but I definitely wanted to say something about this post! I love that you are here for us moms... I don't get to attend #wineparty every time, but I LOVE it when I do. It is a great way to meet other moms/women/Twitter friends! I also count on your blog to provide a good story and help me feel more like an adult with her own mind and her own goals rather than like "just a mom". I am so glad I found you, because you never let us forget that we are hot, smart, sexy, amazing WOMEN, even if we have little ones that take up a lot of our time & energy. Who cares about the Globe? I am a superwoman because I am still, after a lifetime of bullshit, forging forward and not letting anything stop me from being who I am. You and all the other strong women I have met online and in real life(including my own mom, who has been through hell in a handbasket & still works harder than anyone else I know)remind & encourage & inspire me every day & I love you for it.
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May 6, 2011