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The Garden Stasis
Interests: circuits, mainframes, antennas, and hardware stores. I like to sneak into the WFMU library during the Saturday morning Listener Hour when no one is around so I can play the song "Mechanical Man".
Recent Activity
"Why the decision to incorporate gardening with an otherwise mostly music blog?" WFMU = Freeform Maybe in time we will offer a weekly post on "improving your skill at Scrabble" I would just skip the posts weekly Art.
Hi Art, Yes, the WFMU Blog is almost completely audio and visual but sometimes we offer other directions, from gardening to views on daily life, and so on. While the majority of the blog is dedicated to sound and vision we do have a gardening post once a week from one author. There's really no exact explanation except that we thought it was a nice direction to take every Saturday afternoon and from the initial posts we reviewed it had an audience in the comments. Note: The blog does not make a habit of jumping in non-audio/video areas very often. It's actually pretty rare that we have authors jump on to discuss other topics.