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Prof T Asonganyi, There seems to be a misconception from both ends between you and the SDF party which you left for a so called "renaissance" which you have now realised is a big joke.It is like moving from the frying pan to fire.The SDF definitely has many weaknesses,but the approach you wanted to use to address these issues was surely not the best.I still think you would have done much good to our democracy by rallying forces from within the party with your progressive ideas to bring meaningful change in our country,but either by accident or design you allowed yourself to be led by the nose by a group of rogues whose only agenda was to get power at any cost for personal gains.The outcome has only been creating more confusion in the political arena much to the joy of the CPDM junta that has held cameroonians hostage for more than two decades.Now that you are neither for the SDF nor for the "renaissance",on which leg do you want us to dance the political music? or are you now for Rexon's SCNC which has no vision,no inspirational leadership,no clear cut ideology because all they do is throw insults at others,blame A or B for not being this or that,and hide behind the keyboard calling names instead of initiating action to lead us forward? Since your frustrations have been posted here by rexon,maybe they require your academic and political expertise to design a political map for the SCNC,since both the SDF and the "renaissance" have failed you or you have failed them. Hey Prof,you also made mention of how you hope Lebielem will gain from democracy in cameroon,are you insinuating that you have reduced the struggle for a better cameroon to a struggle for Lebielem people?