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Muslims are notorious for defiling and destroying sacred sites of other cultures, building on top of temples and churches, invading and spreading their seed in nations like Iran, Sicily and stealing ideas and calling them their own, like Byzantine architecture.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on Worldwide Epidemic at Atlas Shrugs
Immediately the Fed Govt labels this fellow Al Qaeda. I'm not buying it. Where is the proof of this relationship? Our government has continually manipulated and lied to the American People about the nature of Islam, 9-11 and too many terrorist events. Islam creates terror. U.S. and world governments use Al Qaeda sprung from Islam as a boogie man. So, anything dramatic, on an airline, on a holiday, etc. suddenly "must be Al Qaeda." Enough. Muslim terrorism springs from the deep well of Islam. If the Fed continues to pretend this is not the case, we will have nothing but perpetual conflict across the world through the end of our lives and the lives of our grandchildren. And Obama sits as POTUS and finds himself either behaving exactly as required of him by his handlers or caught in the quandary: Am I a Muslim, am I a Christian, am I an Apostate -- Am I really fit to be President --- Am I even in control? Ah, the just know the truth. The truth would stop the madness that is constricting the USA under the guise of protecting us. Soon the best of us will refuse to go through airport scanners, will refuse to cooperate with tyrannical Congressional rulings. Soon things will either get much better or much, much worse. Decide, America.
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Jan 2, 2010