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bullshit,you know what we are so so tired of even listening to him.i have never seen someone who makes me sick as Mr Biya .Who is manipulating who in this case.The simple fact is that we are tired and we are now trying to do some thing about it and he thinks we are being manipulated.Is his manipulation not enough to drive us crazy? what the hell does he want use to do,does he not know that if all Cameroonians have the chance they will have left the country for him.Now we are ready for him ,it is either he and his boys will succeed or we will,because now is the time to act.He has ruled the country by divide and rule which normally is suppose to put the different ethnic groups in the county at longer heads,but i just wish that Cameroons are intelligent enough to see his game and not allow this to happen. We have a single problem and that is him and his present regime,who have suck the country dry.and still he has the gods to try to transfer blames.Insulting the Youths is somethings,this is not fare.This time we are on his back and will stop at nothing until we see him and his bad regime go. And to make sure that another person who thinks he or she will take power and try to turn us in to fools again will have to think really well. These are the type of people who have made Africans to be consider as losers and a race of nobodies and we have had enough of them.God bless us