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Bali and their the so-called Fon are all babarians,worriors and vandals.These people were born with this very bad blood which makes them not have have any feeling on the way they always treat other humans being. So no matter what,they will never change and so maybe the only best way is for others to stay away or avoid such a babric trib for their well being.Now there are very proud and happy thinking that they have done a great job by destroying the hundreds of houses and rendering them homeless.But they should not forget to know that any thing that goes up will one day fall back to the ground.So they will be rewarded one day for all the very bad things they had been doing to other humans.If not by man, God will not or never set them free.The habit of fighting and destroying others property is already a cures to the Bali people.Many are educated but they always behave like people who never went to school at all.A curese bunch of babarians.
Well Amah,i am really speechless as concerns your comments and promisses to the Metta people.For i couldn't believe my eyes when i read over the posted peice of news.So what has come into your mind now to think about the tarring of the road to your own home town after which your father who had all the powers to do that never thought of doing it? And are you sure what you told the people is real or you are also out to confuse their minds so that they can vote for you and Biya? Well seeing is beleieving and so remember that 2008 is just some months away from now and only when i will see things been done then can i ever beleive in any of you the so-called leaders. But if what you said is true then i will first of all like to say congratulation in advance because you will surely be a hero to all the metta people because your very stupid father all he could thought of was to bill a prison camp for his people whom you said it was because of his very good job that you had the chance to be appointed to your present post. Well maybe for you,the building of the prison camp by your father was a job well.But know that the Metta people including me will never forget about such a stupid and foolish son they once had in the past.Your father who was the so-called Hon ST Muna was not even ashamed that he never help any metta person during his period of workj in the government and even his corpse where transfered on a very dusty road to his compound in Ngenbo.What a shame.So let it not be that you will follow the same foot steps by starting to make promisses which you will never fulfill.So you should take the example of the formal secretary of state for national education and also help your own people or one day your own corpse to will be transported on the same dusty and dirty road like that of your father.Well actions speaks louder than words and so we will all wait and see for ourselves.
Well from this,it shows that there will be more blood shade in this part of Cameroon again.But for me as the so-called Fon Doh had tried to call for reconciliation among all the people i think he most has realised his wrong doings and i also think that every one in this world is a sinner in one way or the other.So his people may forgive him but not to give him any upper hand to represent them any more. But now with the kind of judiciary system we are having he was not even supposed to be out there and fighting for the post at all.So Mr. minister of justice what are you and your people really doing to help our country?Well there is a saying that birds of the same feather always flug together and so maybe you maybe in no way different from the so callfon Doh.I pray God can one day touch your heart for you to really put to justice people who go against the law such as the so-called Fon Doh.
Well all of your deads are just like a history to every one because after some time you will all be faded away from the minds of the people.So i here by extend my condolences to all their family members and also pray that God should grant them eternal rest and life ever lasting and also to consult the had of all those they left behind especially their family members,love ones,friends and relatives too.
Oh oh this is actually a very sad piece of news.It is actually a great lost not only for their families but to most Cameroonians as well.Well not much to say since God is the one who giveth live to us all and he is also the one who taketh too.Maybe the world loved you very much but God loves you much more better than we do.And what has happened can not be reverse any longer.So i know that no matter what we do or how much we cry it will never bring you back to life.For we are all strangers in this world and dead is the final destination for every one living in this world whether the dead is natural or caused by man.But the fact is every one will one day pass through this same road My condolence to their families.May their souls rest in perfect peace and ma the Almighty God to grant them eternal rest.
Well Mr Police boss,i will like to say thank you for a job well done for setting a very good example on such un trusted and corrupt nationals and i do hope that is juts the begining of a new life for all the Cameroonian cops.I do hope this will also send a very strong message to all especially the so call traffic police men and their coddupt leaders as well.I espect more better sanction next time and if possible such corrupters should even lost their jobs,be trailed and even send to jail because for some of them that bad blood is already in their blood streams and even after the sanctions,they will still continue with their normal routin.So next time i espect more hasher sanctions.And from what LIZ has written above i will also like to say if all he said is true then all those involved need to brought before the law,trailed and jail as well so that the others will learn.Thank you
Liz I am some how impressed with your informations.But hoe reliable is this information you have posted? Are you sure all you said is true and relaible too? Well if all you said is true then it will be some kind of good news for many people you know.So i will be eagerly waiting to get more as concerns this information you have posted.
Well Mr. minister i feel so sorry for your dead and i was also touched when i read your biography.For your dead is a great lost to our country.But on the other hand,if at all you were truely a good man then i pray the Almighty God will your give your soul eternal rest. And while there,pray for us who are still behind and for the corrupt members of our government to change from their wrong doings so that our nation me be better up one day.
REXON Well Rexon,you seems reasonable in in some sense by saying that there can be no smoke any where when there is no fire.But on the contrary,the way you comment makes me think you maybe of such origins. Let me ask you one question " say even you were an illitrate will you ever respon to any situation in such a bad manner? Or will you consider the act of vandalism,force and destruction to be the only best way to resolve any issue in your life? You also made mentioned of the fact that i seems to be so generous.You are right in the sense that for some one like me,i consider most of the things in this world such as land to be vanity.And as i said before no one came into this world with any piece of land and on the day we will be leaving this our physical world,no one too will carry any piece of land along to where he/she will go .So i think you never really got my point clearly.For all i was saying was this every person in this world no matter what the cercumstance maybe should atleast try to treat others with some sypathy as well as having some feeling for one another.And no matter what,there are people who are incharge of exibiting the law in every situation and so it is not fair for others who don't even have an idea of what the law is all about to take the law into their own hand and to treat their fellow humans like animals.And for the so call mr.fon i think no matter what he was supposed to really feel sorry for what his worriors have done and to appologise rather than saying "his people were been provocked" you know.Well neither you nor i were the corprates and so we shouldn't be arguing with one another.But i hope you also will have some sypathy for the people as i does. Thanks for your understanding.
It really sound strange to still find that even now that we are in the 21st century,there are still people who still remain babarians.I don't really know what is wrong with the so call Bali fon and his babarians.Enermies to peace and progress in the whole of the North West Province.You the so call mr. fon and your worrioirs keep on fighting with all your neighbours every where.What will you and this your bunch of illitrates do with land if you are given all the land in this world?.It's really a pitty for this unfortunate hard working and peaceful Bawok people who every day only sruggle to make their living through their hard work.Now you mr. fon and your babrians have frustrated their lives by destroying all their property.Imaginable basters who don't know how hard it takes some one to make his/her fortune will just get up in a day to go and destroy every in a day. I really wish the governement will intervane in this matter and to bring you and your so call worriors,a bunch of illitrates before the law.But remember that you never came into this world without any land and so the day you will be leaving this world you will also leave empty handed.And you and your people will one day be paid according to your work and coin too.Mr. fon are you not really ashame of all the thing you and your basters do to your neighbours?I beg the Almighty to send send down his holy spirit so that it can touch the heart of you and you subjects so that you can always treat others with some human feeling.I also pray for God to show this innocent people the way for them to make a new life for themselves.