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I'm a food-loving mom with two awesome kids, one high-maintenance husband and a nasty addiction to knowing everything.
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Haha, nope! I use only felt tip pens - that was my purple one. ;-)
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2012 on Weekly Menu, June 10 - June 15 at Foodmomiac
Thank you Meg!!! I always get a thrill when I hear you compliment one of my recipes. It's high praise for sure.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2012 on Weekly Menu, June 10 - June 15 at Foodmomiac
Yep, the Illinois one was pretty crappy, but it was a fun excursion regardless. I think we are heading to Michigan this weekend. I can't wait to hit up the huge Meijer in Holland. Woot!
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on Happy Mother's Day to Me! at Foodmomiac
I love all of these ideas! @mom24, one of my biggest issues is that I am allergic to fin fish (I can eat shellfish). I feel like there are so many amazing and fast weeknight meals that I miss out on because of my allergy. That sounds awesome! @melissa, love that idea!
Hi Cagey - Yes! Sorry, uncooked.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2011 on Baba Rice (a weeknight lifesaver) at Foodmomiac
Hi Emily! Spike is a mixture of seasoning - we got it at our regular market: Summer savory is a type of herb, but I have honestly never seen it outside of a garden!
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2011 on Baba Rice (a weeknight lifesaver) at Foodmomiac
Mamacita, you HAVE! He was just an infant when you started reading my blog.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2011 on Max rides a bike! at Foodmomiac
Laura, I was going to add (and forgot) that this totally is a huge milestone in my mind. I feel like there are three or four parenting milestones that are super stressful for the parent; potty training, riding a two-wheeler, swimming..
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2011 on Max rides a bike! at Foodmomiac
Lauren, thank you for confirming! I REALLY want that shower. Mamacita, Done!
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2011 on Friday Night Ritual at Foodmomiac
@miguelina - I haven't tried them yet (hasn't been that cold, phew!) but I guess they will keep me warm with just one layer. They are made by Sugoi. Last year, I wore just old stuff I had around, and had to layer pants. NOT the sexiest look.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2010 on Trying to get my butt in gear at Foodmomiac
Sending you the book!
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2010 on Discovering my strengths at Foodmomiac
Randi, the phone was free (hand-me-down) and since we have the AT&T family plan, it's only $25/month which is cheaper than any other plan we could find for her. Plus, she can use it as a camera, for note-taking, as an iPod and for gaming.
Burley is such a GREAT school - I was really impressed when I toured there a few years ago.
Have you selected a neighborhood yet? Happy to help you navigate. I am a fount of useless/useful CPS information. Just ping me. :-)
Hey Emily. You could do it either way, but I cut them after the fact. Not great for leftover bread to make breadcrumbs, but was faster!
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on Back to School Week - Sandwich Shapes at Foodmomiac
@Wendy, @Alicia: Thank you! My kids were really excited about the pizza crusts. I think that will for sure make a repeat appearance in our house @Rach: Thanks! It's actually a dress, and I LOVE it. $24 at H&M!
@Janine and @m2z2006: You guys are so sweet. xo
@debbie: Thanks! @Heather: I think fast is relative! In my mind (and YMMV), anything that requires assembly, such as a peanut butter sandwich, wouldn't be fast. Fast here is referring to a Lunchable.
I am sure you are right, Devra. I am spotless.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2010 on The 28-Day Cleansing Program - FAIL at Foodmomiac
They do Lauren! Actually Barilla (my client) makes them. Good idea.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on Sick Day(s) at Foodmomiac
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Mar 15, 2010
Le Dog in Ann Arbor has a nice version of everything. I miss their bisque!!!
Thanks Darius! Also, I ran past your store two weeks ago on an 8 mile run and saw you setting up. I was SO tempted to stop and grab a cupcake, but I needed to keep going, LOL.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on Never Enough at Foodmomiac
Bridget - I'm with you!! I'm going up to 6 on Saturday and kind of can't wait. I have my new wool socks and I'm ready to go.
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2009 on Running, running, running at Foodmomiac