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Amy Bailey
United States
The most advanced barbecue gas grills One-Touch Premium models in the lineup without tables. Simple to use and maintain, it is an optimal model for fans of barbecue that use both direct and indirect methods of cooking. Due to the large volume of the boiler system and the availability of the patented One-Touch to adjust the temperature, he effortlessly copes with the situation, when you suddenly descend guests, as well as with the most ambitious plans for cooking. From a simple model has a high base, which is very convenient for a tall person. It is not necessary to bend the gas grills. Boiler Cleaning System One-Touch with steel petals, located in the lower part of the boiler, clean the grill of the ashes and debris. Managed by the system is derived on the outer part of the arm of the boiler. Sealed ash pan allows you to use the grill on the veranda, balcony and wooden floor. grill knobs are protected by special termootrazhatelyami and not heated. Built-in thermometer lets you easily manage the process of preparation of even the most complicated dishes. Special equipment works on the grill you can use it as a smokehouse. For this purpose, the lower coal not grate placed over the entire area, but only on one side. So that the products can be put on top of the lattice (for cooking) of not carbon. Next, soaked driftwood 30-40 minutes in the water and put the coal in an envelope foil with holes (if small), or directly on the coal, if cubes. Opens the vent on the product and prepare. Classic spherical Weber grill immediately attracts attention in any garden or on any barbecue. Its equipment, performance and comfort has become a cult among fans of modern grill on charcoal. How to choose the size of the grill? Boiler Diameter: - 37 cm - Portable for one - two people. You can cook roast small. - 47 cm - for the company from 3-6 people. You can prepare a first hot, then garnish. Meals are small and medium-sized (steak, kebabs, fish entirely). - 57 cm - for the company from 3 - 15 people. You can cook roasts and side dishes at a time. Meals are small, medium and large sizes. From steaks and barbecue to the legs of lamb or 5 kg of roast beef, goose entirely.
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Dec 14, 2016